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The paper "How Useful Is the Marketing Mix Concept in Developing Services Marketing Strategies? " is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. The term "marketing mix" was popularized after the publication of Neil H. Borden in his 1964 article, The Marketing Mix Concept. The analysis of the concept originally explained ingredients of the same as being pricing, branding, product planning, distribution channels, advertising, promotions, personal selling, packaging, physical handling, display, servicing, and fact-finding as well as analysis. In the current era, the marketing mix explains the combination of four Ps in the marketing world.

They include Price, Promotion, Product and place (Kotler and Armstrong 17-34). These four P's generally are the key parameters, which the marketing manager controls in marketing, subject to the external and internal constraints of the business-marketing environment. The goal of controlling these components is to make decisions, which center the four P's particularly on the consumers in the market to help create perceived value as well as in generating a positive response to the product or service being marketed. It is of value noting that the marketing mix concept is very useful in developing services marketing strategies for any given firm.

This paper is an analysis of the relevance of the marketing mix concepts in strategizing. Marketing mix is generally an imperative concept especially in modern marketing referring academically to the set of controllable tools, which the firm blends in producing the response it desires in the target market, therefore, it consists of ideally everything the respective firm can do to eventually influence the absolute demand for its service or product (Kotler and Armstrong 17-34).

It is relevant to realize that any company’ s marketing mix strategy can have an enormous function, which is, strategic communication of the firms with its consumers (Proctor 212). It is also an argument that marketing mix ideally provides multiple paths for firms as such communication can actually be achieved in written communications and spoken form (selling, advertising, etc. ) or in other symbolic communication forms (the conveyed image in the product quality, its ideal price, and the distribution type outlet chose) (Stanley and Eric 1055-1067). All the same, the key element in the concept is that the main features of marketing mix, which will be under discussion in this paper "should not be viewed as individual entities, rather as a set of interrelated entities that have to be set in ideal conjunction particularly with one another" (Proctor 212). The easiest approach to understand the usefulness of marketing mix in developing service-marketing strategies is through its well-known synonym regarding the "4Ps of Marketing". The product is one of the 4’ ps but it is not directly linked with the service though there are some relations.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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