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The paper "Reflective Journal on My Academic Performance " is a good example of education coursework.   In my previous academic year, I had a mean score of 34.4%. This is a very disappointing performance that I have decided to improve on by following several steps to improve my performance. For a student to perform well and also be adequately prepared for the job market, he/she must possess certain skills and master them to perfection. For instance, one has to adopt the right communication skills, team-working skills and also good language skills among others.

These skills make it possible for one to take up knowledge from the people, literature material and the environment effectively. The purpose of this essay is to identify and exemplify the skills that I hope to perfect so as to improve my performance. These will be done under the respective subheadings. Communication Communication can be defined as a process through which information, ideas and thoughts are exchanged between individuals through a channel. It is facilitated through symbols, signs or behaviour. Communication is a two-way process which is only complete after the party who is intended to receive the message confirms reception of the message to the sender through feedback (Rand, 2012). Rand (2012) notes that even though many people think they are communicating; only a few people achieve effective communication.

Effective communication helps an individual to get a good understanding of others and also share his/her ideas and thoughts clearly. Effective communication is achieved through good listening skills that enable one to get the best out of the speaker, development of non-verbal communication such as dressing and body language, ability to manage stress and let it not be a hindrance to communication, and also being emotionally intelligent which helps one to become more aware of the situation others are going through (Rand, 2012).

These four and other communication skills are effective in fostering effective communication mainly in the workplace and in a group. I believe that I still have to improve on my communication skills if at all I am going to develop an effective communication ability that will develop me as an individual in my career. I particularly need to do study a lot on emotional intelligence since it is a vital skill in fostering good team-work.

Team working ability is very important for any organization and it is a skill much sought after. Critical thinking Critical thinking can be defined as the ability to think clearly and rationally. It is a form of engagement into reflective and independent thinking whereby the person with good critical thinking ability is able to decide whether a claim is true rather than fully agree with a claim without questioning its trueness. Although critical thinking may appear to be argumentative and critical of other people, it should not be confused with these two phenomena.

In fact, critical thinking helps us to expose fallacies, increase cooperative reasoning and also acquire knowledge and strengthen our arguments (Paul & Elder, 2002). As such critical thinkers according to Paul and Elder (2002) are able to: Identify logical connections between ideas, Evaluate arguments to detect inconsistencies and common unseen mistakes. Solve problems systematically, Identify the relevance of ideas, and evaluate one’ s beliefs and convictions.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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