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The paper 'The Rider Hotel Management " is a good example of a management case study. The mission of Rider Hotel HR Department is to provide our employees with timely, efficient and quality services. We shall achieve this through technology utilisation, skills cultivation of our staff and enhancement of strong relationships with all the employees (Mabey, Skinner & Clark, 1998). Hours of Operations Regular operation hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, with the exemption of official holidays for the nation. Service Expectations These service expectations are supposed to check the service performance by the employees when offering the service to the clients of the rider hotel. Working Assumptions The HR department shall be able to offer the best of the services to all the employees as well as the Hotels customers at all times.

It shall also be able to provide the organisation with all the necessary services through hiring of competent employees. Service Constraints Capability - Increases in the amount of work due to natural or man-made actions, for instance, an increase in the number of customers may lead to a decrease in service level delivery. Reliance – The level of the service offered to the customers as well as the employees highly relies on the number of the employees and their capabilities. Service Level Agreement Maintenance This contract shall be revised on a continuing basis and restructured as necessary.

Adjustments may become essential because of the changing service requirements, amendments to present services, adding amenities, important disparities from the agreed service intensities, or unexpected measures. Terms of Agreement This contract starts on November 1, 2015, through joint understanding that changes shall be essential over time. All and any adjustments shall be prepared in relation to the initial Contract.

A proper assessment of this Contract as well as published amendments shall occur on a twice-a-year. Periodic Quality Reviews The HR department shall conduct constant evaluations of the employee performance against the agreed-upon expectations of the service delivery. The program for these assessments shall comprise, but not limited to: Delivery of service since the last review Key nonconformities from levels of service Conflicts or apprehensions about the delivery of service Scheduled modifications to increase service efficiency Negotiation of modifications to the Contract . Issue Resolution If either HR department or the employees identify a functional breach of obligation or additional problem that necessitates resolution before the next scheduled review, both the HR department and the employees will involve in a combined effort of considerate and modification of the issue.

In the occasion where this corrective effort fails, any of the party is free to raise the matter to the office of the CEO. The conclusions made by the office of the CEO will be final (Zigon, 2002).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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