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The paper “ Change Management at Telstra” is a fitting example of a business assignment. Change management comprises many different kinds of change in an organization. Change might be related to restructuring, work processes change, management change, or a daily change in routine work. For successful results in business leaders must be trained for change management and in casting winning strategies for organization-related issues. This paper is discussing Telstra change management issues. Telstra is facing a serious financial crisis for the past six months and to manage that issue change in management is very necessary.

The paper deals with change management strategies and to cover the loss in near future. Change ManagementIntroductionManagers must learn to place the proper emphasis on their organization's readiness for change, and also understand the various types of organizational growth and performance changes. We start by asking why firms need to bring a change in their infrastructure to give growth effectiveness to the organization. The winning firms that have learned from their unsuccessful experience, apply expertise results with a powerful spotlight on change management mostly emphasize new technology used to change in firms.

What type of help and support can companies offer to managers to support them in fixing the new lot of employees? Managers are made, not born with this statement we start our reply. Because of the failure of the managerial version which can be expensive, the change management method can be included as a course for study purposes. To be saved from disastrous costs, firms should assist managers to realize the innovative type of employees and further ecological stress helper to the executive purpose. Organizations should encourage the perception that change is an ever-growing of opportunity.

This report discusses the change management issue for Telstra Corporation. Due to the continuous decline in its mobile business for the last six months Telstra’ s chief executive, Mr. Thodey wants a change in its management team. This paper proposes change strategies that could be reasonably considered by the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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