Essays on Managing People in a Multinational Context Case Study

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The paper "Managing People in a Multinational Context" is a great example of a Management Case Study. Human resource management is a vital element in the well being of an organization. This is due to the basic fact the human resource management department ensures that a reliable workforce is in place (Dowling, Festing & Engle 2008, p. 61). Once a reliable and efficient workforce is in place, organizations can thrive far beyond their objectives. Human resource management is paramount regardless of the industry in question and thus the hospitality industry is no exception.

The hospitality industry is by far and large viewed as a service industry. The service industry largely depends on the workforce to provide quality services to lure and maintain clients (Eade & Eade 2000, p. 24). In the event, the industry is capable to attain competitive and quality service, then growth and development are imminent. In Thailand, the human resource management in the hospitality industry plays a sensational role. This fosters the growth and development of the hospitality industry over the years. This paper seeks to clearly delineate the role played by human resource management in Thailand in the ever thriving hospitality industry. This paper examines human resource management in the hospitality industry in Thailand.

The hospitality industry is of immense significance to the economy of Thailand. The government of Thailand has in place various initiatives to double the number of arrivals. The aim of this study is to elaborate on the functions of human resource management in the hospitality industry. Additionally, the issue of cultural diversity is eminent in Thailand, and the advantages emanating from this practice. There are a number of challenges facing human resources in the hospitality industry in Thailand.

The major challenge in Thailand is employee turnover. Finally, this paper seeks to provide recommendations by the government and other agencies to mitigate the impact of high employee turnover. Human resource management functions. The human resource team engages in various responsibilities, in the organizations setting. For the purpose of accomplishing the objective, the human resource management arranges tasks and duties to formwork. This is the initial responsibility undertaken by the human resource management (Wilton 2011, p. 268). This duty by human resource management is known as job design.

In the hospitality industry, it is essential to undertake human resource planning. Once the tasks, duties and responsibilities, formwork under job design, planning commences. Human resource management forecasts the organizations' workforce requirements in the future. When planning, there are several vital aspects or requirements which include; worker, mode of acquisition, utilization, employee improvement, cost control, mode of training and retaining the employee. Recruitment is the initial step as well as a crucial function while sourcing for human resources. The function ensures that the organization in the hospitality industry will select a skillful and competent person.

The recruitment function involves an immense evaluation of the ability to harness choosing a competent person from the sea of the applicant. Over the years, civilization has hit many parts of the world (Marchington & Wilkinson 2006, p. 26). With civilization, the education system has spread far and wide. This implies that the number of qualified potential employees in any vacant position in Thailand, as well as any other country, has increased. It is the duty of human resource management to select a person who will add value to the organization and the industry as a whole.

The effective recruitment process entails a number of steps. The initial step includes educational measurements. At this initial stage, skill, ability and character evaluation of potential employees take place. In the hospitality industry, a psychometric evaluation is vital to determine the attitude of the applicant. The interview is another stage in the recruitment process. The interview can take place online via a video conference, via a phone call or it can be of a physical nature.

The human resource department conducts interviews to articulate some essential aspects of the organization to the applicants. All of the above steps seek to ensure that the organization will select a suitable person to fill the vacancy in the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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