Essays on HR Management - Dr. Wong Case Study

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The paper "HR Management - Dr. Wong " is a great example of human resources case study.   The following report presents findings of human resource issues arising from the case study. The case study is based on misunderstandings regarding terms of service. The report finds lack of communication to be the main issue arising from the case. Generally, employees play a critical role in any organization and hence should be adequately informed of any issues affecting their welfare. Withholding any information, no matter how small can be deleterious to the relationship between human resource managers and employees. Discussion Human Resource Management Issues in the Case There are two important HR issues evident in this case.

These issues are related to communication and employee remuneration. The issue of communication arises from the fact that the university changed the terms of service without informing Dr. Wong in advance. It is highly likely that had DR Wong been informed of changes to the terms of service, he could have made whether to go to Australia or not. Essentially, the decision by Wong to relocate to Australia was based on the job offer.

According to Martinez & Martineau (1998) communication is an important aspect of any employment relationship. The importance of communication gets more pronounced when it comes to recruitment because it helps in selecting the right candidate for the job. Communication also helps newly recruited employees to know what their jobs entail (Budhwar & Katou, 2005). Buchan (2000) has pointed out that timely communication about issues affecting employment conditions help achieve performance outcomes for employees in two important ways. First, it provides necessary information about employee needs, values, opinions and perceptions.

This information, in turn, helps organizations in the design and implementing programs that meet the specified needs of their employees. Secondly, well-conceived communication can enhance the utilization of specific workplace programs by making staff aware of their availability and clearly explaining how to access the services. The argument above is an important consideration in the modern workplaces where competitiveness is highly cherished. In the case study, the human resource manager in the university failed to provide a chance for the newly hired employee (Wong) to provide feedback about planned changes.

Hence, there was a communication breakdown, which could ultimately ruin the working relationship. Undeniably, good communication helps make the goals and expected outcomes of an organization clear to workers. It is, therefore, necessary for organizations to constantly communicate key deliverables, developments and issues affecting employees (Huselid, 1995). When an organization is implementing changes, good communication skills are required to get necessary feedback from all stakeholders. Essentially, good communication is a key ingredient in human resource management. In a way, timely and accurate communication helps create a workforce of loyal and motivated employees (Nyambegera, Daniels & Sparrow, 2001).

In the case study, failure to communicate with Wong about the changes is what caused misunderstanding between him and the university and may, therefore, compel the university to look for other employees if Wong rejects the offer. This issue could have been avoided by informing Wong of the planned changes to the terms of service before implementing them. This issue could have been avoided by informing DR Wong of the planned changes to the terms of service before implementing them. This could have been easily achieved through communication planning in which case Wong could have been given an opportunity to give his opinions (Buchan, 2000).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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