Essays on Human Resource Planning and Recruitment - Du Company Case Study

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The paper 'Human Resource Planning and Recruitment - Du Company " is a good example of a management case study. The officially recognized name of Du Company is known as Emirates Telecommunications Company (EITC). This was established in 2006, February. This is a Dubai based telecommunication company. The approximate number of subscribers to this company as established in March 2011 is 1.88 million. The ownership of this company is imparted to the EIA- Emirates Investment Authority. Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company offers a variety of services like fixed and mobile telephony, IPTV facilities to businesses, homes and even individuals, broadband connectivity, etc.

The company also deals in carrier amenities for downlink facilities for television broadcasters and businesses. The operation of the company can be divided into four segments that is broadcasting, wholesale, mobile and fixed. The section of the mobile delivers mobility services which include data and mobile voice, the content of the mobile and lastly mobile broadband Wi-Fi facilities to the consumer markets and enterprises. The fixed section delivers wireline facilities like IPTV, broadband and even VPN/IP business telephony services to consumer markets and enterprises.

The wholesale segment delivers data and voice services to both international and national operators and carriers. Their facility includes the termination of incoming international roaming contracts, point to point rented line connectivity and voice traffic. The last segment which is the broadcasting segment provides services like broadcasting facilities and integrated satellite to media companies and broadcasters. Below is an interview that I carried out to dig much into issues the company face; NAME OF INTERVIEVEWEE: Yaser ObaidPOSITION: Senior Vice President, Human Resources CONTACTS: +971 4 360 00 00 P. O.Box 502666, Dubai, UAE. LOCATION: Al Salam Tower, Dubai Media City QUESTIONS Q1.

What is the absenteeism rate in this company and how have you always managed it? First I can say that the absenteeism rate in this company has been an issue for some time. As far as I can tell you it’ s not that big but either it isn’ t small. Some of the employees go absent without prior notice but some always ask for permits from the management team. We always determine these rates annually and even monthly so as to determine them in relation to a specific period.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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