Essays on HR Planning and Recruitment at Flydubai Airline Company Case Study

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The paper 'HR Planning and Recruitment at Flydubai Airline Company" is a good example of a management case study. In current competitive business sectors, the airline and tourism industries remain the world’ s fastest and biggest growing industries. Today individuals are travelling for business, leisure and recreation purposes and the majority of these people are traveling on employment assignments more than before. The airline industry plays an important role to develop and expand travel and tourism industry. The airline industry is one of the most significant sectors in the hospitality and tourism industry (Beardwell, Holden & Clayton 508).

As such, they need a competent and motivated workforce with a global mindset. Flydubai is not an exception because currently, they operate in 36 different places across the world (Sambidge 2009). Not similar to what it used to be when it started five years ago, the customer and employees demands of Flydubai airline has expanded more than its original standards. Based on the interview with the human resource manager at Flydubai, the report assesses the human resource issues; employees’ turnover and Absenteeism rate and forecast the HR needs of various departments at Flydubai Airline Company. 2.0 The Company’ s Employees Turnover and Absenteeism rate Flydubai is experiencing a high turnover due to the fact that the company is young and is not been able to pay its employees at the best market rates.

Motivation is normally tied rewards such as salary and benefits and promotions. The company is still growing therefore takes a long will take a long time to increase employee’ s salary even to promote them. As such the workforce gets less motivated and seeks employees to rival companies.

In 2009 Sambridge estimated that rate of turnover to be at nearly 15 percent, a number that might go up if not controlled. Absenteeism is still low but mainly caused by longer working hours, stress, and low salary. According to Anderson et al “ , the company must realize that the strong motivational elements that can impact both employee motivation and job satisfaction are by means a reward system that makes the employee more contented and comfortable due to the rewards obtained” (496).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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