Essays on HR Management: Planning and Recruitment Assignment

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The paper "HR Management: Planning and Recruitment" is an amazing example of a Human Resources essay. This report is about ADNOC Company’ s proposed recruitment and selection plan for the company’ s chief financial officer.   The report covers such areas as the company’ s human resource strategy, the company’ s Human resources recruitment goals, and objectives. The report also gives the job description and job specification for the post advertised.   .   , Also the report details the entire process of the proposed recruitment and selection plan for the company including how the applicants will be screened, the tests and the interviews they will undertake up to the point where the successful candidate will accept the job and the conditions stipulated in the employment contract. Background ADNOC or the Arab National Oil company is a state-owned oil company of the United Arab Emirates and is among the world’ s largest oil companies.

It operates two oil refineries and has fourteen subsidiary companies across the world. Being such a big company, it has adopted a human resources strategy aimed at ensuring it remains a leading oil company not only in the UAE but also globally.   Its human resources strategy aims at ensuring that the best talent is recruited, selected, and retained in the company while adhering to all laid down government regulations on Human Resources as well as other relevant laws.

In its recruitment and selection strategy, the company ensures equality while ensuring there is no discrimination of any form (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, 2013). However, it should also be noted that the company’ s recruitment and selection strategy also aims at ensuring adherence to the government policy on Emiratization.

As such, its current policy is aimed at ensuring that 75% of its labor force is of UAE nationality. This paper details a proposed recruitment and selection plan for the company’ s chief finance officer. This being a management post that requires a lot of experience; it is assumed that the post will be opened for everyone including expatriates.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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