Essays on HR Planning and Recruitment - EMAAR Case Study

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The paper 'HR Planning and Recruitment - EMAAR" is a good example of a management case study. EMAAR was established in the Emirates in 1997 and is a provider of premier lifestyles as well as a global property developer. It specializes in master planning and value addition to communities. Some of the major projects are 500-acre Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain. The expertise and vision are extending to global markets like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Canada and the USA. The group also has extensive forays in leisure and hospitality such as Armani hotels and resorts and the EMAAR Hospitality Group LLC (EMAAR 2014).

The company has a long term plan of expanding into the core business areas of high quality and innovative real estate development. EMAAR has build value in the government of Dubai. Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives Mission: EMAAR has a mission of transforming into a global, one-stop solution provider for a lifestyle that includes education, industry, homes, play, work, leisure and finance. Vision: To be one of the most reputed lifestyle developers globally expanding outside real estate Strategy: To become one of the reputed firms in the world by adopting business segmentation strategies so as to develop different growth engines arising from diverse business clusters.

EMAAR Group PJSC is the single entity that individual companies grow and converge. Values: Open communication, customer focus, trust, fairness, integrity, social responsibility, positive work environment, employee development, speed innovation and implementation (EMAAR 2014). An organisation chart and a brief description of the structure of the organization The structure is a three-tier involving the board of directors, corporate office and international units. The board of 10 directors is led by the Chairman assisted by the vice-chairman.

Head of Internal Audit and the Managing director are among the 10 directors. The corporate office under the managing director has the CEO, Group CFO and the Company/legal secretary (EMAAR 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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