Essays on Abu Dhabi Oil Company Human Resource Issues Case Study

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The paper 'Abu Dhabi Oil Company Human Resource Issues" is a good example of a management case study. The firm understands that employees need to be recruited, selected and trained depending on their level of experience, skills and qualifications. A great number of contractor personnel appear in the manufacturing sites during turnarounds and construction activities. The common training is on Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance which involves a lot of contracting, pre-assessment and selection. Recruitment in various departments is done based on qualification (Schlumberger, 2013). Various skills are also required to bring about a strong performing team.

The Human Resource department is responsible for attracting this expertise especially those who have great ambition in the Oil and Gas sector. Strong safety culture has been implemented to ensure employee recruitment achieves its goals in the company. The training may not meet all the needs of all employees but it brings the goals of the firm closer to that of employees (Walker, 2000). The company has enrolled some of its employees in the Petroleum Training Program at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi to obtain more information and knowledge on Oil and Gas extraction, refinery and sales. 2.1.2 Late attendance of training courses This is not a serious challenge but it somehow affects the enrollment and timely absorption of training courses.

The company considers the level of human resource personnel at any one time available for work in progress (International Personnel Management Association, 2002). The chance of employees to attend the training program that is staggered for not more than three days but spread at various times within the year is based on resource gaps.

Some employees could be chosen to attend the training program on various work-related issues depending on the level of work left and the capacity of those left to carry on the work. Lateness to attending training programs or failing to attend at all is an indication that employees do not want to keep time or are not committed to continuous learning. There could be a number of reasons why employees at Abu Dhabi Oil Company at times attend programs when they are late.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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