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of Technology Cloud Computing is considered as one of the leading technological breakthroughs of the decade which has now been extensively used by the organizations to fulfill different organizational needs. Cloud Computing technology is based upon the concept of using software or technology as a service rather than as a product. (Ricadela, 2007). This concept therefore requires the use of software as the service through shared resources, software and information provided to computers and other organizational devices just like a utility. Cloud computing as a technology therefore is considered as a shift from traditional software based model to internet based model of using the software.

Cloud Computing Services are offered through high speed internet. One of the key advantages of this technology is the low investment as organizations using this technology do not have to invest in developing infrastructure and other set up costs. Firms offering cloud computing services therefore take all the hassle of developing the software, upgrading it as well as providing storage services without involving user companies to invest into them. The result is therefore low investment into information technology set up of the firm, achievement of higher capacity as well as access to the cutting edge technology at the fraction of the cost. Developing or purchasing the technology Cloud computing as a technology cannot be developed by a firm which is just its end user therefore the development of the technology can be out rightly rejected.

Since this technology is offered as a service therefore only option left is the purchase or rather licensing of that technology for use within the organization. In order to license this technology, it is important first to do the market research as to what are some of the leading firms which are offering such services.

Salesforce. com, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and other firms are offering these services to help other organizations to accomplish various organizational tasks. Thus considering the overall organizational requirements and tasks under hand, the focus will be on licensing only those components of the cloud computing technology which are directly related with the organization. The technology therefore can be licensed through requesting the participation of different companies in overall bidding or negotiation process.

The firms offering best quality services at the really affordable costs therefore should be preferred for providing such services. Once this phase is over, the next phase may include determining overall hardware requirements for implementing the technology at the organization wide level. Companies using this technology Hart Boillot1 is a small integrated marketing communication company based in Boston, US which is using these services. The firm offers integrated marketing communication services to the firms operating in different sectors. Firm was once utilizing its own in-house email server which was destroyed due to power surge and the data was recovered only after a hard effort.

The firm therefore shifted to a cloud based email server which allowed the firm’s employees to check the emails from anywhere and without actually worrying for the data security and storage. (Martin, 2010)  Bottom Line Consulting2 is another firm which is using the cloud services for the purpose of using it for emails, virus protection, web hosting and other information technology requirements. The firm has been able to save not only on its IT infrastructure costs but was also successful in saving costs on the energy bill.

The firm has also been able to save costs which it could have incurred otherwise on upgrading its hardware to meet the new requirements as the technology evolved. Above examples clearly outline that even small firms were able to implement cloud computing with ease and can also save cost on infrastructure set up and energy. References 1. Martin, J A  (2010) Should You Move Your Small Business to the Cloud? , [online] Available at: http: //www. pcworld. com/businesscenter/article/188173/should_you_move_your_small_business_to_the_cloud. html [Accessed: 9th Dec 2011]. 2. Ricadela, A (2007) Computing Heads for the Clouds, [online] Available at: http: //www. businessweek. com/technology/content/nov2007/tc20071116_379585.htm [Accessed: 9th Dec 2011].

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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