Essays on Supporting Change within Organisations in the UK - Bradfield Group Assignment

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The paper 'Supporting Change within Organisations in the UK - Bradfield Group" is a good example of a management assignment.   The self-study books are not assessed in the sense that your tutor marks them and assigns grades. However, it is a requirement of the programme that you complete all four workbooks throughout the course and submit them for your tutor to sign off. Your tutor will provide you with feedback on your work; if s/he is satisfied that you have answered all the questions and you demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge relating to the content, the workbook will be signed off.

If your tutor feels you have not fully answered a question, this will be made clear and you will be required to provide more detail. As you are being taught a large proportion of the material in the classroom, you are not required to upload all of the tasks in the self-study book although you may find it helpful to complete them at home for your own self-development. The numbers against the tasks that follow are not concurrent as they relate to those which are in your self-study book Task 1.1 – How can tool such as PESTLE and SWOT help HR professionals in dealing with organisational change according to the CIPD article?

List at least 3 reasons in the box below. Task 1.2 – Give 3 examples of internal and 3 examples of external factors that can drive organisational change. Write your answer in the box below.   Task 1.3 – Taking into context the factors in the previous article, choose 4 that impact how an HR professional can foster change and list them in the box below.

Furthermore, outline how an HR professional can overcome each of the selected factors in order to manage change effectively. One has been done for you as an example in the box below. Rules and Policies Eliminate rules and policies that hinder the change and create new ones that reinforce the desired way of operating. Goals and measurement Ensure that the company goals do not hinder seeing new opportunities as this develops new achievements Training HR should ensure that staff members are well trained in order to ensure that they are conversant with the new changes within the organisation. Reward and recognition Through the introduction of staff assessment schemes, HR is able to measure individual behaviour which may hinder the culture of teamwork. Task 1.4 How does employer branding affect the way change can be managed in organisations?

Write your answer in the box below.   Task 1.5 – What factors (either external or internal) do you think triggered the organisations to change? List at least 3 in the box below.   Task 1.6 Reflect on how this change impacts stakeholders of these organisations. Which are the three key stakeholders that are impacted by this change?

Record your answer in the box below.   Task 1.7 – The article above argues that ‘ today's business environment requires companies to undergo change almost constantly if they are to remain competitive. ’ Why do you think this is the case? Summarise your thoughts in around 200 words in the box that follows.   Task 1.8 – In the last part of the article, it mentions some techniques for managing change. Communication can be seen as being critical for all techniques mentioned. Why do you think this is the case?

List 5 reasons why communication is vital for organisational change to happen successfully in the box on the next page.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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