Essays on HRD Assessment 2 Assignment

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IntroductionEffective training and development play a critical role in ensuring that the strategic objectives of the organization are achieved. Training and development play an important role in the effectiveness of organizations and to the experiences of people in work. Training has implications for productivity, health and safety at work and personal development (Briscoe, 2004). Ritz-Carlton need to train and develop their staff as it cognizant of this requirement and investing in training and development will go a long way in improving the organization performance. Training and development investment may the form of employing specialist in training and development to assist the staff (Hay 2002, p. 54).

Investment in training and development entails obtaining and maintaining space and equipment as well as operational personnel who work in the organization (Foxon, & Lybrand, 2005). This has the effect of the employees giving less attention to activities which are more productive as they are involved in the training and development process. However, this process is critical as it will see to it that the organization maintains appropriate expertise now and in the future.

Assessment of development needs of the Ritz-Carlton staffIn human resource development, needs assessment is a process of connecting organizations performance, problems and opportunities to improve performance. It is also defined as a process of identifying the problems which would be addresses by training (Alvarez, Salas & Garofano 2004, p. 390). It is therefore a systematic process of performance gap identification and unearthing the cause of the identified gaps. Specific to Ritz-Carlton, is the training and learning needs assessment. Ritz-Carlton realizes that the need of the needs assessment is to identify training and learning needs of the newly employed staff as well as the areas that the existing staffs need further training on (Eseryl, 2002). In the context of Ritz-Carlton organization performance, the needs assessment process will provide a focus and direction in solving any arising problem through appropriate documentation and selection of the identified problems.

Needs assessment is crucial for the planning strategy of the organization as this will ensure that Ritz – Carlton has sufficient people with the required skills and motivation to accomplish its goals (Billett 2003). Training needs assessment will help Ritz – Carlton determine optimal levels of performance, actual individual performance level as well as the attitudes which may affect an individual’s performance (Montesino 2002 p. 92).

Therefore it is through such a process that solutions are identified for performance improvement. A survey is to be undertaken where the employees switch tasks between subordinates and their supervisors and they are supposed to help each other in identifying their training needs in their current job. The employee playing the managerial role is to interview the other person so as to identify their training needs (Noe et al. , 2006).

This survey should come up with a list of management skills to guide in asking questions to each employee. Each staff should note down the abilities, skills and the knowledge which they may have identified by their interviewee as challenging and come up with solutions. A training needs assessment worksheet is to be used to record the collected information. The worksheet is divided in two columns namely: skills, abilities and knowledge in the first column and the training need identified in the other. Further to this, an appraisal should be done for all employees of Ritz – Carlton after every six months and employees are required to list down any training needs that they may require (Wexley & Latham 2002).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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