Essays on Human Resource Development, Performance and Reward Management Literature review

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The paper “ Human Resource Development, Performance and Reward Management” is an impressive variant of the literature review on human resources. Performance in the public sector entails a deliberate action following particular intentional behaviors. Van Dooren, Bouckaert, and Halligan (2015) consider two categories of performance including quality of actions or achievements. With quality, the standard of performance includes the competence of the individual in question. Comparatively, performance in terms of quality of achievement examines the degree of conceptualization. The imperative is the ability of the institution to obtain sustainable results which are a contribution of the human resource development function.

Measurement of performance may include financial and non- financial aspects where Kloot and Martin (2000) identify the financial dimensions as a traditional approach. The traditional approach faces much criticism, especially since performance is multidimensional and dynamic in nature. Therefore, the effective performance management requires the input by the human resource development program. The essay examines the case of an underperforming employee and suggests how the application of performance management may help improve the performance of the employee. Best Practices in Performance ManagementThe idea mechanism of achieving active performance management involves the integration of performance to both the corporate strategies and functional objectives (Kloot & Martin 2000).

Objectives in the government sector follow non-financial goals, therefore, the use of non-financial measurement strategies is most appropriate. The Australian Post is a government agencies functions as a communication industry. Its mains function is to provide society with a reliable channel of communication. Therefore, its objective aligns with what Kloot and Martin (2000) describes as being non-financial. According to Kloot and Martin (2000), strategic planning as a performance management practice involves the clear identification and classification of objectives into either primary or secondary classes.

The imperative is to relate the primary role to the specific shareholder while the secondary responsibilities highlight on the process of achieving the primary objectives (Kloot & Martin 2000).


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