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OutlineIntroductionThe definition of business ethicsThe definition of professional Human Resources Management and Employment relations with respect to their roles and functions. BodyThe three solutionsDiscussion of the best solution (employing an employee relation officer)Ethical back ground. Timing at work placeHarming an individualHarming othersEmployers mitigationEquitability and the ethicsConclusionAppendix (case study)Work cited (MLA)No of words without the outline (2198)IntroductionBusiness ethicsBusiness ethics has also been referred to as corporate ethics. It is a type of ethics that is used to examine the ethical principles, a set of morals or ethical issues that could arise in the business environment.

It is set to monitor all aspect of business conduct. ‘Its application lies in the checking the relevance of conduct of individuals and the entire business organizations’ ((Crane & Matten, pp 224). It has characteristics that are normative and descriptive in dimensions. The association in terms of the range and the quantity of business ethical issues indicate to a great extend the interaction of profit maximizing behaviour which has non-economic attributes. Just like government laws have influence on the business, ethics regulates the areas and the detail of conduct that lie beyond the government control.

Human resource ManagementHuman resource is a term often used in describing individuals that make up the work force of an organization. ‘It also the function within an organization that has been charged with the responsibility that has the capacity for implementing strategies and policies related to the management of individuals’ (Crane and Matten, pp 235). This practice of coordinating maintaining awareness of and compliance with the local and state or the federal laws, employee record keeping and confidentiality, organizing, design and development, business transformation and change, performance and finally the conduct.

Employee relationEmployee relations on the other hand deals with both the industrial and personnel management. It has been labelled as an alternative for the academic field of industrial relations. It is involved in maintaining the employee-employer relationship which has great impact on the satisfaction of productivity, motivation and morale. ‘It also extends its role to the prevention and problem resolving among individuals that may arise in the work situations’ (Ferrell, C. Fradrich and Ferrell, Linda, pp47). HRM has been suggested to differ from the ER in the sense that HRM is a unitarist, which holds that the employer-employee interest should run parallel as regards the organizational effectiveness.

It also holds that the interest of the stakeholders such as the employees is marginalised. Key issues in the case study. This is purely a generation marked by the insensitivity of institutional administration with limited relationship and sensitivity to the staff which has been purely accelerated by the development of informal ethics regimes. They are essentially the philosophy of the institution which relate fundamentally to the purpose of the company while it has no relevance to the whole communal aspect of ethical standards.

The staffs are therefore the recipient of such like measures. They are understaffed and over worked, they have to work for overtimes and more is that they have developed some dislike for the administration. The relationship between the staff and the nurses has gone sour and something needs to be done for this is very risky kind of situation especially with service delivery which might impact on patients.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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