Essays on The Human Resource Problems Being Faced by the West Bank Call Centre Case Study

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The paper 'The Human Resource Problems Being Faced by the West Bank Call Centre" is a good example of a management case study. West Bank plc is both a banking and insurance company situated within the United Kingdom. The Bank was first established by Sir Arthur Kettlewell of Pudsey in 1870 as the West riding Bank and was based in Leeds. It changed its name in 2009 after the Premier Banking group took over it. Currently, the Premier Banking group has its headquarters in Birmingham with the West bank having its head office in Leeds.

The main objective of the Chief executive of the West bank, Anne Jones, is to save its brand as well as retain the Leeds based jobs despite the problems currently being faced leading to high losses. In the 1970s and the 1980s, the West Bank was the best in the student banking as well as the finance sector. In order to ensure that this remains a reality that is both beneficial and essential to the bank, a call centre has been established. The call centre has been situated at a new building located around 12 miles from the town of Leeds.

This area is characterized by low unemployment. The main aim of establishing the call centre was to ensure that there is an effective portfolio of student services. Nevertheless, Due to the inappropriate Human resource policies and planning of the West Bank, the call centre is not fully delivering. As evidenced by past researches, call centres are a source of controversies. It is apparent that in the call centres too much pressure is exerted on the employees and as a result high levels of absenteeism as well as labour turnover problems. From the case study, the sole objective of the call centre is to ensure it operates 24 hours in seven days as it fights to ensure customer retention and satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, West bank needs to review its human resource policies and planning. This paper aims at identifying the human resource problems being faced by the West bank call centre and analyzing them so as to provide appropriate solutions to address the problems.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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