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The paper "Human Resource Management Practices" is a great example of a report on human resources. Management of human resources in any organization is very essential as it involves a strategic as well as a coherent approach to the management of the workforce which is referred to as the most valuable asset in an organization. That is the people working in that organization and collectively contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the organization. The management of human resources must coherently bring together human resource practices, strategies, philosophies, policies, and programs.

For the success in an organization, it is important to note that people are the key resource to the organization and the performance of the organization largely depends on them. Thus, if there is no effective development and implementation of human resource policies and processes, then there will be a negative impact on the performance of the organization (Storey, 46). Thus, human resource management is essential as it ensures that the success of the organization will be achieved through people. Strategies are meant for guiding or showing direction to the organizations.

A typical strategy in an organization contains the mission as well as the strategic objectives. In addition, it needs to put into consideration the resources and decide how these resources are utilized. It is worth noting that one of these resources is the human capital which means that the strategic objectives will not be achieved if the human resources are not in place. Thus, it is important to consider the department of human resources when developing the business strategy. This will provide a clear understanding between management and human resources.

For organizations to realize change, they must involve all levels in the change process, communicate change process continuously and use rewards to facilitate change among employees (Purcell et al, 236). This report involves ‘ High-tech Enterprises’ which is a medium size enterprise that specializes in retailing computer products. As a human resource manager, I have realized that there is a decline in the profit of the firm as the available human resource practices are not carried out effectively. There is a need to first define the overall purpose of management of human resources which is the achievement of success through people.

As a human resource manager, I find it important to summarize some areas essential for achievement of our firm’ s objectives.


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