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The paper "The Equality and Management of Diversity " is a great example of a management essay.   Human resource management is a task that has been long established within many companies' management frameworks. The HRM task is a planned approach of managing people effectively that enables organizations to meet their obligations especially in seeking to secure the commitment of the staff, be good employers and manage and develop staff to enable them to give their best in helping the company serve the community better. The need to effectively respond to heightened customers’ expectations means that the task of staff management is more important than before since it is the staff who ensure that the services are delivered an also it is through proper staff management that consumer performance and service-oriented culture is gradually evolved. This paper focuses on the equality and management of diversity and also the issues relating to employee resourcing and talent management.

A real-life scenario of a woman who got fired for being attractive is critically analyzed. The paper evaluates the application of various human resource management strategies in a practical real-life situation.

The human resource management department exists not only to recruit employees but also to serve the community and provide services that will help the company succeed while at the same time ensures the employees are fairly treated. In an article published by the daily mail on 22nd December 2012, a married woman named Melissa Nelson was sacked for being too attractive (Reporter, 2012). According to his boss, Melissa had and irresistible attraction and despite the fact that she was never engaged in flirtation behavior or failure to perform her duties, he fired her for being a threat to his marriage.

In fact, he compared her to a Lamborghini that sits in a garage and the garage owner never divers it. The sacking of Mellissa on the basis of her physical beauty was neither fair nor legal. This act goes against the human resource management values of diversity and equality.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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