Essays on Implicit Human Resource Management Theory Case Study

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The paper 'Implicit Human Resource Management Theory' is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Kaplan is an international institution that offers education to students across the world with a major concentration on the member of the armed forces or people affiliated with this group. This institution has been my choice of study due to its comprehensive and extensive benefits that it provides to people. Education is very important in the life of any human being. It is through learning that we acquire knowledge and skills to venture the world and contribute to the economy of our countries.

Moreover, the research conducted stems from the academic institutions leading to discoveries that benefit the entire world. Innovativeness is crucial to the school’ s development as they pursue to offer undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. The institution is committed to offering what students believe will benefit them in their lives as well as enable them to change into programs that they believe will further their career aspirations in the future. Any person wishing to grow and nurture talent as well as adopt a culture that will shape and mold them should consider joining the fraternity.

Their programs are fundamental and benefit people from high school up to the professional level. The institution recognizes the importance of education in the lives of people, and therefore, goes beyond the ordinary attempts to make the venture a success. The institution offers both online programs by availing education at the convenience of the learners. Online education carries numerous benefits as learners do not have to travel to the physical location in order to enjoy the benefits of education (Kuther 2013).

Applicants simply log into the school’ s website as well as their accounts and access the information that they would have enjoyed while at school. This has significantly reduced employment in the country compromising the lecture-student contact that prevails in the physical environment. In addition, it saves on costs for international students who would otherwise have had to travel to the school’ s destination where rent and other expenses follow. Convenience is thus portrayed in this program and encourages many people to further their education, which would otherwise have been next to impossible.

Moreover, scholarships are the order of the day so as to achieve diversity of the students and also enrich the culture that prevails. The interactions offer them divergent views about life as well as learn from one another thereby molding all-rounded students who can face any obstacle in life. The institution that started as Kaplan Test Prep owes its existence to Stanley H. Kaplan and caters to over 66 thousand students. Some of the programs offered by the institution include Law, Nursing, Education, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Studies, Health Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, and Arts and Sciences.

To make learning possible for those with financial crunches, loans are offered to facilitate their learning as well as ensure education is accessible to all. The school is mostly associated with the military since most students have a connection with the forces; they are either active members of force or relatives of the same (Kaplan Higher Education Corporation 2013). Over nine thousand are from the forces. However, other members are also present. On top of academic training, the institution ensures that the students who undertake their courses within the school leave as all-rounded persons.

The management ensures students’ involvement in leadership, as well as extra-curricular activities, are observed at all times. According to the alumni of the school, great advancements in their lives and careers have been realized as far as the education pursued is concerned (Kaplan Inc. 2013). Statistics show that 13% have received promotions, 28% have had an increase in their pays while others have been able to change their careers (Kaplan University 46).


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