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Essays on How Legitimate Are Government Attempts to Regulate the Rules for Hiring Employees by Organizations Essay

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The paper “ How Legitimate Are Government Attempts to Regulate the Rules for Hiring Employees by Organizations? ” is an apposite variant of essay on human resources. Over time, government regulation on businesses has increased by a great margin. The high degrees of freedom which were enjoyed by businesses in the 19th  century was not the same as the ones in the 20th century and certainly not comparable to the ones in the 21st century. With the steady increases in the degree of government regulation in business, regulation has turned from what it was to be to overregulation.

Although it can be acknowledged that governments aim at ensuring that the general welfare of the public is upheld via regulation, overregulation has a tendency to retard the gains which have already been achieved in the business world. This explains the reason as to why Fred Deluca, the founder of Subway says that he would not be able to build Subway to the giant company it is in the present age due to the high government regulation as compared to the 1960s when he started the company (Howerton 2013, p. 1).

Although it is important to acknowledge that the social, economic and political situation was very different to what it is in the present age, it can be acknowledged that overregulation has a negative effect on the business world. The following essay will take an in-depth discussion on whether government regulation should dictate whom business owners can or should hire. Government regulation in business takes the form of policies and legislations which govern how businesses should operate. The policies and legislations vary from one country to another depending on the social, economic and political situations prevailing in the specific countries.

Government regulation on hiring is effected through labour laws. Under the labour laws, there lie various clauses which address specific issues in hiring for instance observation of gender equity (OECD 2011, p. 11) and balance racial quota, and age discrimination among other clauses which the government deems relevant to the specific prevailing conditions in the market (Kleiner 1998, p. 3). The essay will first put forward arguments and then counter-arguments on government regulation in hiring. One of the main problems which the government has had to address in their countries is labour discrimination.

A look at a country like Australia which has diverse cultures and ethnic groups, it can be noted that some of the groups have been continuously subjected to labour discrimination. Taking an example of the indigenous people, the Torres Strait people and the Aboriginals, it can be seen that they are not given equal chances in the job market as compared to other people (Ward & Gorman 2010, p. 3). This has led to government intervention via regulation where it aims at ensuring that the indigenous people are not discriminated against in the job market.

Taking a look at another country like the USA, it can be seen that the situation is the same. The county has a dull history where black people were discriminated against in all spheres of life; with the job market included. The government introduced the racial quota regulation policy in a bid to ensure that all the people living in America had equal chances of getting a job (Kleiner, B., 1998, p. 8).

The racial quota regulation compelled organizations to observe racial balancing in their hiring processes. Other areas where the government has intervened in a bid to eliminate discrimination include in gender equality and equity and in people with disabilities discrimination.


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