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The paper "Human Resource Management" is an outstanding example of a human resources literature review. Human resource management is an important function in the organization. It helps in management and coordination within the organization (Strandberg, 2009). Human resource managers have a role to ensure that all employees within an organization are in a good condition and relationship to work. Many organizations in the modern era have taken the concept of human resource management than in previous years (Kreitz, 2007). According to the United Nations (2013), the modern era of management has managed to use the concepts of human resource management in controlling human resources.

Human resource, which is one of the most important aspects of an organization, has many faces that the management has to consider. The component is affected by unique factors such as knowledge, awareness, culture, moral and other socio-economic factors within the human environment. Therefore, human resource managers make an intelligent effort to ensure that these factors remain in control to provide employees with a good working environment. Human resource management also involves the management of organizational culture and organizational behavior (Marsden et al. , 2013).

Human resource management helps an organization enhance the retention of competent employees and reduce the costs of recruitment and training. Organizations use this department to tap the best skill and experience from the job market. Productivity in an organization is significantly enhanced by the adoption of the best human resource management. The department of human resource management is responsible for ensuring the employees understand and stick to a specific code of conduct. Diversity management Farndale et al. (2015) point out that diversity management is another area of prime concern within the Department of Human resource management.

A good organization must involve people from different cultural backgrounds and enhance cohesion despite diversity.


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