Essays on HRM Practices Followed at Retailco Case Study

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The paper "HRM Practices Followed at Retailco" is a wonderful example of a case study on human resources. Retailco is a retail giant in the UK. It operates in multiple store grocery retailing sectors and employs over 10,000 staff. It has a range of 700 branches spanning across the UK. Its current strategy of cost-minimization and quality enhancement (improving customer service) has a strong effect on all its divisions and a special mention to its retail division, Riverside has been made in this report. Riverside is comparatively a smaller and simpler organization in itself and employs around 450 staff.

Although it has a very good record of managing budgets and financial performance targets, it is facing severe shortcomings when it comes to its HR practices. The HR management (HRM) issues at riverside have been a result of several variables and have been illustrated and elaborated here. The report starts with an evaluation of the organizational structure and design of Riverside. The HR strategies, policies, other HR issues, and their integration with the overall corporate strategy at Retailco has been vividly defined and described. There are several inconsistencies and contradictions which have evolved out in the process of the analysis.

These have been elucidated to give a broader insight into the issues and problems. Finally, concluding the report is a brief re-visit on the aspects and contexts discussed in the report. The recommendation at the end of the report and an illustration of a need to follow those is my sincere attempt to facilitate a process of revamping and re-energizing the dying HR structure at Riverside which would ultimately have a significant impact on Retailco too. Organization Structure at RiversideThe organizational design of Riverside, A retail division of Retailco, can be discussed under the reference of a ‘ Simple structure’ .

It has a low degree of departmentalization and is not very elaborate (Mintzberg, 1983). The structure is almost flat with only three levels, a free body of staff and a central decision-making authority who oversees the store operations as a ‘ duty manager’ (The general manager) although with large spans of control. There is very little formalization. Figure 1 depicts the structure.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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