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The paper "Human Resource Management - Dutiful Daughters" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   Human resource management is the function within a company that focuses on the recruitment and management of people as well as offering direction for individuals who work in the company. The human resource management function of Dutiful Daughters includes a wide range of activities, and key amongst them is responsible for human resources, which entails recruiting and selecting new employees, training ensuring employees are high performers and make sure management, dealing with performance issues and personnel issues conform to numerous regulations.

Human resource management is also a comprehensive and strategic approach to managing employees and workplace environment and culture. Effective human resource management at Dutiful Daughters enables employees to contribute productively and effectively to the overall direction of the company and the achievement of the company’ s objectives and goals. Question 1 How Hellen, can expand the business successful without losing the personal touch In order to expand the business successful without losing the personal touch, Helen the founder of Dutiful Daughters Company needs more supporters like managers, accountants and marketing staff.

The accountants will assist her with accounting activities and help the company to pursue the government to enable it to meet the finances needed to run the company as the ageing population increases. The managers will help her to support and manage the schedule of carers, contract the government and enhance external communication with other caregiving organizations. The marketing staff can construct and implement a business plan that will set the goals of the business and articulate reasons why these goals are believed achievable, and the pal to be used I order to achieve these goals.

Helen should recruit more employees to substitute ad do her work. She must also apply human resource planning to increase the number of employees entailing recruitment strategies. Sisson (1993) notes that human resource planning to evaluate and identify the human resources required for meeting the goal of expanding the company. The human resource plan will also help Helen to assess the availability of qualified employees or human resources that will be needed once the business is expanded. Helen should use effective human resources planning strategies that will entail having enough staff, with the appropriate mixture of talents and who are in suitable locations and able to perform their jobs when required (Sisson, 1993). Since Helen has knowledge on provision care, companionship and home support, she is supposed to use her personal skills and knowledge to train her workers particularly about customer focus, the service mind and special duties which are very important and useful for her business.

Dutiful Daughters should use marketing staff and utilize advertisement to communicate the business to the public. The company can use different forms of communication such as magazines, newspaper, internet, radio, and signboards.

Marketing is a significant activity in Dutiful Daughters business because it has a direct effect on sales and profitability (Podsakoff & Fetter, 2000).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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