Essays on Conflict Involving Two Workers in Gladstone Finance Department Case Study

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The paper "Conflict Involving Two Workers in Gladstone Finance Department" is a perfect example of Human Resources case study.   This is a case study analysis of a conflict involving two workers in Gladstone finance department. The case study is made to test the competency of HRM personnel. Moores’ spheres of conflict resolution have been used as the guiding theoretical model in the case study.   HRM Competencies, A case Study Introduction and Justification Gladstone University’ s finance department has been running smoothly until five years ago when the department began a massive restructuring program. The department has seventy-two employees who are involved in the administration of the institution’ s finances.

The services this department provides to the university are crucial. The department is organized into various divisions. There is the accounting division, the HRM division and the IT division. All these divisions are interconnected. Each division has a divisional head who reports to the Chief financial officer. Promotions in the department are based on merit. All promotions are appraised by the divisional chiefs and are subject to approval to the chief financial officer. The problem There is an interest of conflict in the finance department that has also degenerated to a relational conflict (Tillett and French 2006, 175).

Mike and Jess, who are both colleagues in the department, cannot see eye to eye. Mike and Jess both entered into the finance department ten years back. Five years ago, Jess was promoted to a more senior position in the department. Mike feels slighted because has been applying for the same position for the last five years to no avail. The feeling in Mike is that women have been favored in the departmental promotions.

Mike has confronted Jess blaming her for his failure to receive a promotion. In addition, Mike has been bad-mouthing Jess all over the department, claiming that the reports that she feeds him are useless. The conflict is exacerbated by the fact that Mike is one of the individuals who supply the data for the preparation of these reports. Mike, on the other hand, relies on the same reports that Jess prepares for the monthly revenue reports. The conflict between the two is the talk shop in the tearoom. The conflict is threatening to derail the finance department.

This is because Mike has been diagnosed with work-related stress. Jess has been having problems with her marriage due to the conflict between her and Mike. Her spouse keeps telling her that he is tired of seeing her in internal turmoil because of her problems with Mike. Mike, on the other hand, has filled for stress leave. The conflict between these two has split over into the department as each has their supporters within the department (Kellett 2007, 34). The university is in its first semester and is conducting many financial transactions.

If Mike goes for the stress leave the department will be understaffed. The stress Jess has been receiving his slowing her down. This is because she blames herself for not being able to control herself every time they have a confrontation with Mike. The players As outlined above, the scenario has two main players. These are Mike and Jess. The conflict has advanced from the discomfort stage. It has now reached the crisis stage. This is because it is threatening the smooth running of the finance department.

The other players are the Division head and Jess’ s husband. Other players include the departmental workers who support either party in this dispute (Moore 1986, 173).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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