Essays on Interviewing the Job Seeker on the Position of Marketing Assistant Term Paper

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The paper “ Interviewing the Job Seeker on the Position of Marketing Assistant" is an intriguing example of term paper on marketing. This interview package is designed for the positions of a marketing assistant of Master care cleaning and Restoration Company. It gives a precise but brief description of the behavior criteria clearly outlining the qualities that the candidate should pose and an interview guideline of the events to be handled during the interview day. Moreover, the interview will focus on specific preparatory procedures that the interviewer will follow. Finally, this package will outline a sample of introduction and conclusion wordings to be the guiding aid for the panel as the conduct the interviews. In regard to the position sought for, the candidate must be a critical thinker.

The marketing department is marred by many challenges which required staunch decision to be made quickly to the business advantage of the company. According to (Ones and Dilchert, 2009), critical thinkers should be able to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw conclusions. Critical thinking is all about analyzing, evaluating and reasoning. With this, the person who will hold the position will be an asset to the company for problem-solving, decision making and creative thinking.

In this category, the candidate must prove that he has and processes the intellectual thinking standards which include clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic and fairness. An employee in the marketing field who is a critical thinker will have a deeper understanding of his and other’ s decisions encourage open-mindedness to change and are more analytical in solving problems (Bassham et al, 2007). The marketing assistant is required to understand the needs of the market and be able to present the products in an excellent way for the competition experienced is high.

This called for someone who is able to analyze the market and make decisions that will clinch a greater market share. 1.2. Coaching/Mentor The candidate who will make through the interview will be having very many staff under him in the marketing department. Therefore he/she must demonstrate capability of helping employees develop their knowledge and skills on providing timely feedback, training them on sticking to the goals and guidance (Armstrong & Carlopia, 2005).

This is because, caching will help avoid performance and work habit problems, help employees be committed and equip them with skills that are essential in achieving performance expectations. When marketing in the company becomes competent and effective, productivity will increase and thus will the revenue increase. The marketing assistant must be a team builder whose aims are to keep all workers under him motivated and with all the required information at their fingertips so that sales can increase tremendously. He/she, therefore, must demonstrate the capability of being a mentor to many in the organization so that the marketing department can take roots in the field and also it can be a force to reckon with in the whole organization (Armstrong & Carlopia, 2005). CollaborationThe individual must be capable of working effectively with others, and more importantly outside the line of formal authority to identify and resolve problems as well as accomplishing the organizational goals.

In the marketing field, individuals always find themselves in the middle of challenging relationships that often require paramount skills to conquer. Collaboration cannot be compared with teamwork for it refers to working with other staff outside the workgroup.

An employee might work with individuals from other departments in the company for the betterment of the improvement of production to the advantage of the entire company (Armstrong & Carlopia, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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