Essays on HRM Competencies Assignment

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The session is for all individuals for different ages who have a liking for cookingClearly explain the objectives, plan and session program so that the audience have complete clarityBreak down the total process into smaller parts so that the trainees are able to work and understand each partEnsure a conducive environment where the trainer, trainees and the audience find it easy to understand and grab the things which will thereby improve understandingIntroductionHot dog is made through different process and through different ingredients like pork, sheep and beef depending on the taste and presence of the person consuming it.

People eating hot dog get a different taste than eating non veg food due to the mixture of different ingredients and flavors which provides a different aroma and taste suiting different taste buds. Hot dogs which are prepared at home are better as it ensures that the materials especially beef or pork or sheep that is used is cleaned properly and is fresh which provides a delightful taste to the human taste buds. This makes it important that the trainee has the required skills that will facilitate in the preparation of hot dogAssessmentThe trainees need to clearly understand the steps and process that needs to be followed in preparing hot dog.

This includes the identification of ingredients and materials that are used as the trainees will be marked by the trainer on different parameters and fulfilling those will help to provide better outlook (Abdalla, Suliman & Bakhiet, 2009). This makes it important that the trainees are fully prepared and knows the complete process and step that they will have to undergo.

This makes it important that the trainee gets the required practical skills and knowledge that will help them to achieve their objectives and ensure better grades (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). The assessment will thereby look to ensure different parameters that the trainees need to work on like the process, context, purpose and others that have a relevant effect on the working process of the trainee (Reiser & Dempsey, 2011). This will help the participants to show their competency levels at different areas and based on it a compiled effect will be drawn which will help to understand the areas that has helped the trainee to ensure proper competence level (Carlopio & Andrewartha, 2008)Process to make Hot DogThe following steps will help in the preparation of hot dogPrepare a casing where pork is kept in vinegar and allowed to absorb some ingredients so that the item becomes softMake a puree of garlic, coriander, marjoram, mace, mustard seed, and paprika using a blenderAdd pepperAdd egg whiteAdd salt and mix itGrind the porkMix the seasoning with the meat with handsAllow the mixture to chill Grind the complete mixture againBoil everything for 20 minuter in simmering waterChill the mixture by passing them through chill waterFreeze them and consume as required but within a weekConclusionThe process and the session program thereby highlights the manner in which the preparation of hot dog is done.

This will thereby help to ensure that a proper conducive method is developing which provides suitable training to the trainee (Tovey & Lawlor, 2008). This will thereby help to provide the required training and ensure proper grades to the trainees due to the steps and process which will ensure proper session planning and using the required knowledge to shape the performance of the trainee (Delahaye, 2005)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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