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The paper 'Sources of Conflict in Personal Investments Limited" is a perfect example of a human resources case study.   Personal Investment Company is encountering several impediments in terms of management. The senior company partners advocate for the conservative approach while Tabitha thinks the other way around. As a result, there exist various types of conflict ranging from relationships, contradictory interest, resources disagreement as well as poor communication. As a human resource manager, I have helped in offering some strategies that can be applied to the organization in order to come up with resolutions. Introduction Personal Investments Company is situated in Sydney.

Its main objective is to invest funds for various institutions. Approximately seventy-five individuals were hired by the company in 1994. Among the seventy-five people employed, twenty-five of them were tasked with the real investment activities of the company. As a result, the company was able to manage perhaps 1.2 billion dollars in terms of assets. Consequently, 2.5 million dollars was able to be derived as company income. In 1960, the company became incorporated. In its four decades in the business process, it has diminished in terms of financial volatility, technical and social change.

Furthermore, it has resisted business openings presented to them hence fewer profits. In spite of this, its ventures are greatly protected. The company Chief Executive Officer, Dan Richardson uses the transformational leadership approach to direct the company’ s workforce. As a result, the employees are able to participate while decisions are made then sustaining a lasting association from the top level down to the subordinate staff. His leadership style is based on the loyalty concept, “ Loyalty to the organization, loyalty to its members, and loyalty to friends” (Carlopio et al.

2008, p369.). Through this technique, he has been able to carry out safe and steady investing; this has made it possible to retain investment portfolios at a little risk with moderate revenue. Besides, the enlargement of the company is slow in comparison to other investment opportunities. This has triggered the thinking of Dan from taking a conventional scheme to an aggressive scheme of investment. This was also influenced by the resigning of younger analysts from the business in chase of positions in firms that are more aggressive (Carlopio et al.

2008). As a consequence, Tabitha is employed to spearhead the operations in the company. Her managing style is dissimilar from the organizational targets and objectives. She invests more in technology and her aim is to capitalize on earnings. Her aggressive style of leadership has caused disagreements among members of the organization even Susan the Cofounder. Susan thinks that Tabitha’ s management approach will result in the loss of the company’ s old customers who are used to the conservative approach. Moreover, the young analysts are extremely pleased with Tabitha’ s management style leading to some conflict in the organization; Dan decides to invite Tabitha for a dialogue regarding the situation in the company.

Thus, the paper will seek to analyze the conflict in the personal investments Pty Ltd and present a solution to it. Sources of Conflict in Personal Investments Limited When persons work jointly, conflict is likely to crop up. It is an incidence that is normal for any business surroundings. In a personal company limited, there exist various causes of conflict.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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