Essays on HRM Competencies Assessment Item 1Training Package Assignment

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Biech, E 2009, 10 Steps to Successful Training, American Society for Training and Development, Pp. 12-56.16Food standards 2012, Food Safety Standards - Temperature control requirements, July 24, 2012, http: //www. foodstandards. gov. au/scienceandeducation/factsheets/foodsafetyfactsheets/foodsafetystandardst857.cfm161.0 ObjectivesTo identify and name every ingredient used in making a hamburgerTo correctly perform the task of preparing hamburger (LGI 2005). 2.0 Information to the trainer2.1 Supporting informationLocation The room must be large enough for the layout to fit and to accommodate other equipments required for the taskThe room must be well ventilated given that cooking equipments will be usedThe room must be well lit and clean with presence of washrooms to conform to the Australian food safety standards (Food standards 2012). Access to power supplyLayoutThe tables to be used in training will be arranged in U-shape which will consist of 4 settings at the back and 3 settings on each side.

This arrangement is best suited for training using visual aids as the trainer will have access to all trainees during monitor and answering of questions (BSA 500 2006). A table for the trainer at the front consistent with U-shape which will contain the teaching aidsAnother table that can be easily reached by both the trainer and trainees which will contains the ingredients. 4 cookers and 4 ovens where three will be located along the walls behind trainees and one at the front for the trainer. Set three single tables in another room for self-management activity.

This will make the assessment effective (Thacker 2012). Equipment4 cookers4 ovensFlying pansTables 4 sets of Cutlery (3 for the participants and one for the trainer)IngredientsBurger rolls and patties (20% fat content)Seasoning: cooked onion (1/2), mustard sauce (1 tablespoon), tomato sauce (1 tablespoon) and salt to tasteToppings: tomatoes (2 thinly sliced), and cheese (6 slices).

MaterialsHandouts which consists of: IntroductionCourse objectives and outlinesRecipePicturesAssessment requirementsPost it notePensVideo which will serve as an effective method of quipping the learner with multisensory experience. In addition, the video will act as a good explanation of doing the actual tasks where it will incorporate both visual and audio perspectives. It will also serve as a good way to show what the trainees have not got from the trainer (Hampton 2009). PowerPoint will also give guidance on the procedures of making hamburger especially through pictures and brief steps.

2.2 Special actions before sessionIn order to facilitate good interaction between trainees and trainers and favourable learning environment, the maximum number of participants will be 9. This will also bring fairness through working with equal number of group members (Training Package Policy 2010). Given that this task involves handling of foods, it will be essential to ensure that the participants conform to the rules and regulations in regard to hygiene and safety (Food standards 2012). Ensure that the participants also adhere to the safety standards according to the place of workEach participant should have an overview of the task by being provided with a comprehensive course outline consisting of a session structure and objectives (Biech 2009).

2.3 Course designThis course is designed to train adult learners and the following should be put into consideration; The entire task should be broken into smaller sections for easy understandingGiven that this skill requires to observe, understand and to perform, it will be delivered through demonstration and explanation in a systematic manner through steps. Upon demonstration of skills by the trainer, every trainee will be able to practiceThe trainees must enhance favourable environment to pave way for discussion and interaction with and between trainees (Pace & Brown 2012).

2.4 Introduction

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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