Essays on Enterprise Integration Team Leader at Ambulance Victoria Company Case Study

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The paper "Enterprise Integration Team Leader at Ambulance Victoria Company" is a great example of a management case study.   The individual to fill the position of an enterprise team leader in Ambulance Victoria named above requires definable interpersonal and communication skills. These skills are very necessary for developing relationship within Ambulance Victoria thus promoting and achieving the organizational goals (Mycareer 2011). The communication style which an individual present during the interview will be assessed by way of both oral and written communication strengths. This includes assessing the ability to offer and present information to a large group both internally and externally.

In addition, the position requires an individual who has the ability to use his various communication and interpersonal skills to engage both his team colleagues and customers by way of being informative and persuasive(Mycareer 2011). Vision developer The suitable person for the named position must be one who is visionary. One vital step towards obtaining the various goals stipulated by Ambulance Victoria requires the development of visionary measures so as to have a clear concept of the organization service and products.

Armstrong & Carlopio (2005) asserts that the clear concept can only be achieved if the position of an enterprise integration team leader is led by that individual who will use companies’ resources in ensuring that the organization visions are met effectively. Armstrong & Carlopio (2005) maintains that the enterprise integration team leader is required to build a strong relationship so as to be able to communicate widely on his vision for the company with stakeholders and shareholders in return achieving the desired goals and objectives. Ability displayed by this individual to communicate a vision with all departments within the organization in a timely and definable way will ensure that every individual is able to relate with all stipulated goals by the organization.

Since this position of an enterprise integration team leader requires an individual who will effectively be involved in launching new ideas and services in various new markets, the individual will need to develop a vision which will create advantage from the various weaknesses defined within the various markets (Armstrong & Carlopio 2005). Relationship/liaison building The required enterprise integration team leader need to highly possess the capability of developing a strong relationship and networks with employees, stakeholders, shareholders and customers.

This, therefore, requires one to gather the ability to develop trust with all departmental personnel within the organization. Clearly, the ability to develop a relationship or liaising within an organization acts as the central point towards fostering and sharing information within an organization. Further, by being an individual who can be able to liaison this assures that there is great engagement through the provision of support to project team members. Sharing through such engage is very crucial in that it increases effectiveness within Ambulance Victoria Company which therefore calls for assessment in the interview for this position. Motivation/self management The incumbent requires the ability to create motivation even in the situation where is there stress and individual are expected to work under pressure.

Being motivational and oneself manager is an important factor within the Ambulance Victoria company as it greatly assists in determining the various elements of challenges. According to Saxena (2009), developing of defence mechanism during times of challenges within this organization entails this incumbent to become ultra activated in such periods.

Self-management entails this particular candidate to develop an environment within Ambulance Victoria Company which is conducive for working and one which has future prospects to both the employees and company at large (Saxena 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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