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  The paper "Interviewing a Potential Employee" is a great example of a Management Case Study. In the Interviewing a Potential Employee, there is a great emphasis on the conducting of a comprehensive and thorough interview in a bid to select what is best for the organization (2009). To select the best candidate for the job, an interviewer must dedicate his/her time in preparation for the interview as well as selecting the best criteria to use during the selection process. Other than considering the physical appearance of an interviewee, the interviewer should concentrate on the behavioral selection criteria since it is only through these criteria that the true personality and character of the interviewee emerge (Tuner 2004).

The potential and will to work in the organization are obtained through intelligent leading questions that analyze the characters and reactions of the interviewee to certain issues facing the organization on a day-to-day basis like competence, work standards, dedication, and creativity, just to mention a few. Job advertisement. The said job is that of a marketing manager in a communications-trading firm. The main responsibilities include strategizing on product offering, branding and developing marketing programs to the customers’ satisfaction.

Others include developing and approving images, managing the customer relationship, researching on business opportunities in and outside the organization and developing a marketing-led culture in the organization. The marketing manager is to report to the National Marketing Manager. In addition, the marketing manager should lead a team in a bid to develop marketing programs to benefit both the consumer and the business. Other than leading an internal team, the marketing manager is expected to work with internal and external stakeholders while balancing competing interests by developing short-term revenue expectations as well as long-term goals.

The organization seeks a self-driven, energetic and positive minded individual for this position is expected to have relevant tertiary qualifications, excellent communication skills, and group leader, organized, time conscious and able to multitask. Interview session. Introduction. This session is set to take approximately one hour. The session starts with a brief introduction of both the interviewee and the interviewer with an outline and format of the session. The interviewer should explain which roles each member of the panel plays in the interview and give the interviewee time to get clarification on any unclear issue.

Based on the interview of Linkedln’ s marketing manager, the interview consisted of the following (Jasra 2010). It is a common trend to start with an introductory statement to make the session cohesive and it mostly involves salutations and an introduction of the panelists, all by name and professions. This is followed by an explanation of the duration of conducting the interview, in this case being one hour. Interviewer: Can you please take us through your qualification as a marketing manager? Interviewer: Can you please take us through your experience as a marketing manager? Interviewer: Describe your most current position and responsibilities. Interviewer: Tell us why you chose this organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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