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Generally, the paper "International Human Resource Management Approaches" is a perfect example of human resources coursework.   Globalization is a phenomenon that has changed the way people work. Some of the major changes regard the emphasis on competitiveness, diverse workforces, and flexible work. Globalization can, therefore, be viewed as a new theatre in the world development often characterized by escalated competition coupled with a dynamic technological innovation environment (Brewster, 2011). These changes have also laid significant emphasis on the quality of the products as well as customer service. These emphases have enhanced the importance of people management.

In order to meet the challenges presented by the intense competition, the organization’ s structures and cultures have been changed to decentralization, downsizing, and less hierarchical and bureaucratic nature (Brewster, 2011). One of the significant developments has been the human resource management practices as the employers struggle with the challenges presented by the competitive economic environment. Thus, many organizations have increasingly turned to the unique services offered by human resources as a significant source of competitive edge. In the modern business environment, human resources are viewed as a significant element in any enterprise.

The profitability, which is a measure of success in many corporations, largely depends on human resource. It is also an important factor in the 5ms of the production processes (man, machine, money, materials and methods). However, it must be recognized that out of the five Ms, it is only the man that is able to mobilize the other resources. Man or human resources, coupled with the other Ms, Helps in the successful completion of any tasks. With the globalization of markets, there are many issues that arise in the sphere of human resource management.

In the contemporary business environment and cross border human relations, new concepts arise including the conversion of local HRM practices to international practices. The aim of this essay is to discuss what international human resource entails and how it impacts on an organizations performance. Towards A Definition (Brewster, (2011) observed that whereas many practitioners and scholars are in agreement that human capital management is an essential factor in the competitiveness of the enterprises, there is still many or varied opinions on how best the human resources complex activities are handled in practice.

According to human resource scholars such as Dowling (2008), the organizations which perform well in regard to employee management often have strong discipline in the management of the human capital coupled with special concern with the social capital. Social capital is viewed as the construction of relationships and networks among the employees in organizations as well as the culture and structure of the enterprise. Consequently, the reinforcement of the multiplier impacts of such combinations gives rise to inimitable conditions for the administration of employees (Harzing and Pinnington, 2014).

These conditions additionally drive more issues beyond the human resource excellence including employee engagement, knowledge management, and most importantly, workforce adaptability. International human resource management is about the global management of human capital including the process of procuring, allocating, and the effective utilization of the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and ideas in responding to the organization needs. It, therefore, is the process of hiring, allocating, and exploiting the human resource in international organizations is referred to as international human resource management (Harzing and Pinnington, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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