Essays on Human Resource Development beyond Training Interventions Assignment

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The paper "Human Resource Development beyond Training Interventions" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Learning is the process of acquiring implementable knowledge from historical sources or other knowledgeable persons (Reid, 2004, p. 9). Many organizations offer some learning to every member of the organization depending on the level he/she is working whereby it helps in the gradual change of the company. The stages undergone are discussed below. The Human Resource Director is among the highest levels of employees in an organization and the importance of their learning is to ensure the following duties are well perfected (Reid, 2004, p.

27). They include; interaction, employee benefit, orientation and training, suspension, performance evaluation and recruitment. The following are the responsibilities of line managers as another stage in the HR. They include; performance related-pay, engagement of the employee, employee discipline and performance appraisal. The training and orientation is a third stage whereby orientation is the presentation of recruits whereby they are taken around the company, explained all the duties carried in the company and also given the history of the company (Reid, 2004, p. 14).

Training is what is done immediately after the orientation and the director keeps on learning how to carry the above-described duties and many others. In a learning organization all the members are given the profile of the field they are working on. All the members in the organization are trained on how to plan, organize and present their research results if they are requested to contact one. The importance of this is to ensure that whatever they get from researchers is clearly understood and perfection purpose. With this education, the company will ever move forward. There is always the purpose of doing the organization's learning which is to update the organization and also improve its products (Reid, 2004, p.

22). It also enhances the experiment of the cycle in learning thus the experienced persons do not need to be trained repeatedly on how to do it.


Reid, M. B. H. &. B. M., 2004. Human Resource Development Beyond Training Interventions,. 7th edition, ed. UK: H. & Brown, M.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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