Essays on Human Resource Department at Icloud Company Case Study

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The paper 'Human Resource Department at Icloud Company " is a good example of a management case study. The newly created Human Resource Department at Icloud Company has the initial intervention in human resource management as the process of implementing policies and programs that levels the employee's needs and the company's needs. At the same time, it is geared towards forming a profitable company that each employee will be proud to work in. The most crucial part of the function is the ability to manage the budget allocated for specific purposes effectively with priority given to the most pressing needs.

The major goals for achieving a well-developed working place include increasing morale, reducing turnover, diversity, productivity, safety and quality. Mahdavi (2011) mentioned that among the strategies employed to accomplish the set goals included creating a well-organized grievance system and performance appraisal to increase morale. He noted the need to have a Grievance office. The office provides for a specific, precise framework for dealing with the arising issues. Therefore, increasing the morale of workers since they are always assured that they have an opportunity to raise their concerns in case of a misunderstanding or upon noting an unfair treatment from the others.

Such opportunities give employees confidence and a sense of job security, thus enabling them to exploit their full potential without fear. The decision to form a Grievance Office is a strength to the company (Mattare 2013). Despite the fact that funds will be used to develop this program, it goes a long way in settling disputes that could otherwise erupt to cause chaos, mistrust and lack of cooperation that is detrimental to the growth and profitability of the company.

The company’ s projected turnover as estimated in the projected resignation graph called for the need to curb it. To do so various modalities like internal training and promotions were effected so as to prevent a turnover. The graph provides the statistics of the estimated rate of resignation if the operations in the human resource department remained as they were.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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