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A. HRM can be described as central, senior management driven strategic activity, which is developed, owned and delivered by management - as a whole to promote the interests of the organization that they serve. Discuss the benefits and draw backs of a HRM senior managements driven strategy. Human resource is one of the most important aspects of the business. This is the area of the business where the full force of operation is coming from. The people are the human resource. They are what make the business flourish or fail.

With this reason alone, it is extremely important that the human resources are managed properly and effectively. The work force – may it be a supervisor, manager or just an ordinary enable - must be satisfied with the policies and procedures of the company. They must feel that they are properly compensated and that their philosophies and vision in life is parallel with the philosophies of the company as well as with its mission and vision. If this does not happen, for sure, majority of the human resource will not feel motivated to work.

This of course would mean that the desired output and/or projected earnings of the company will be hard to achieve as the human resources do not deem it necessary to aim for a better performance. What the Human Resource Managers DoAnalyze the organizationHuman Resource Managers have a clear understanding of the organization first. They establish a detailed organizational analysis. Analyzing the organization structure is categorized into four different ways. This includes (“Organizational Analysis”, 2006): ·Explicitness or non-explicitness of the company’s vision and strategy·Premeditated information and work flow in and out of the company ·Appreciation of the culture of the organization ·Knowing the people in terms of how they are selected, what are their qualifications, what are their most recent salary and benefits, when was their last promotion and what is their career pathWith these four categories, it is very clear that organization is not only focus in how to earn money but also on how to maintain harmony inside the company by maintaining ideal communication flow and having and retaining qualified employees.

Evaluate the Core and Distinctive Competencies of the EmployeesAfter having a clear understanding of the organization, analyzing the competencies of each and every employee is the next step that the Human Resource Managers do.

The employees are one of the biggest weapons of the company. They are the workers who ensure that the company is working right on target and the customers are satisfied with what the company is offering. This is the very reason why the organization sees to it that all the staffs are equipped with the right armament to keep them competitive and effective in their respective responsibilities.

Among the many strategies to keep the human resources at a greater advantage over their rivals is by properly motivating and training the people. This is a proven way of keeping the staffs; in fact, American businesses have been spending billions of dollars annually on employee staffing and training (Georgenson, 1982). Because of this, there have been series of studies conducted to really discover the linkage between the success of business strategy and the training practices of the company. From a mere business strategy typology that provides strategic challenges translatable into specific job and skill requirements, newer and advanced theoretical perspectives are now being revealed in the pursuit of understanding how firms acquire and shape the human resources to establish a sustainable competitive advantage (Wright and McMahan, 1992).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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