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The paper 'Effective Management of Human Resource' is a perfect example of a human resources term paper. Business organizations have adopted various strategies aimed at improving human resource management in contemporary society. Human resource management plays a significant role in creating an enabling workplace environment within the business. The adoption of global operations by most businesses has cemented the role of human resource management at the global scene. Through effective management of the human resource, business organizations have been in a position of boosting the organizational culture, diversity management, international performance management as well as improving training and development.

All these aspects are critical in the operations of the business since they ensure that the business achieves sustainability as well as its goals and objectives. The paper examines the main issues presented in the ‘ No Name’ Aircraft Company case study, how the human resource management can deal with the issues, and the recommendations that should be presented to the company by an international HRM consultant. IntroductionThe adoption of human resource management practices has improved the operations of business organizations. Business leaders who have recognized the importance of effective human resource management have managed to experience increased operations both in the local and the global market.

Some of the critical issues that human resource management can enhance in business include diversity management. The advent of globalization has brought the need for businesses to embrace a diverse workforce. Moreover, human resource management can create a sustainable environment for the adoption of viable organizational culture, training, and skill development as well as performance management within the business organization. The Issues in the Case StudyAccording to the case study, the ‘ No Name’ Aircraft Company is facing diverse problems that have brought a tremendous impact on its operations.

The CEO, Adams O’ Meara has noticed the decreased performance of the aircraft manufacturing company in the global market. The major issues that are facing the company include:


Collins, CJ and Smith, KG 2006, ‘Knowledge exchange and combination: The role of human resource practices in the performance of high-technology firms’, Academy of management journal, vol. 49, no.3, pp.544-560.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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