Essays on Trade Unions Relevancy Essay

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The paper "Trade Unions Relevancy” is an apposite example of an essay on human resources. In the past trade unions were considered to be important that workers in various countries were told to form trade unions so that their rights can easily be championed. However, with the development of human rights acts in different worlds, the role of trade unions is not clearly defined as most of their roles have been included in various constitutions of different countries. However, in the 1980s and 1970s, those who were workers in various factories had to form unions so as to fight against discrimination, unfair practices, and also, at least be able to pressure for salary increment.

However, with the current trend where most of the employees have developed better methods of monitoring in the way those employees are doing their job, it may cause most of the labor unions to collapse. Innovative methods should be employed by the unions so that they can be able to keep pace with the new trends to survive. Some of those unions that have been able to employ new innovative ways of ensuring that the workers are well catered for have seen an increment of those that are joining these unions.

In Spain, Ireland, and other countries there has been an increase in membership in the workers union (Beik, 2005, pg. 2). When you get a close look at those firms that are providing services, you will realize that there is no place for third parties like unions. This is because such like firms depend on the staff, this makes them to heavily spend their resources in staff training.

Staff training makes them be more informed and responsible for what they are doing. The staff through training they are able e to understand what they are required and what their rights are. This makes the Trade unions have no relevance to such institutions due to the better understanding of the environment they work in and the relationship that exists between them and their organization. With the new style of management where many companies have shifted from seeing their employees just as workers but the most important assets in the organization have made the organizations handle the employees with integrity and even departments that are meant for the employee, welfare has been set aside within the firm.

The new perception has completely made the unions whose major aim was to fight for the rights and welfare of the employees has to lead to them being rendered valueless by the organizations. However, the case is not true in developing countries as human rights are still being violated due to the fact that the rule of law is not being observed. In these countries, you find that there are cases where employees fail completely to observe the human rights necessitating the trade unions to come in and force them to observe the rule of law that is meant to be followed.

The governments in these countries you find that they can collude with major corporations and the rights of the workers being infringed (Doree, 2014, pg. 12).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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