Essays on A Situational Analysis of the Personal Investments Company Case Study

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The paper 'A Situational Analysis of the Personal Investments Company" is a good example of a management case study. Personal Investments (PI) L. T.D is a company deemed with the task of investing funds for institutions. It is an entity for such massive financial processions worth billions of shillings. It is founded on the principles of loyalty to the company by all members, and by extension, an expectation of the same is considered for friends of the company; the stakeholders. For a long time, the company has based its operations on this institutional philosophy, and this is witnessed by the ideals that each employee of the institution must hold.

Unfortunately, the company has dwindled owing to failure to facilitate capacity building, which faces an obvious opposition encrusted in the ideals of the institution. Sources of Conflicts within the company To report this case study on valid grounds, it keeps on emerging that the main grounds whereupon the conflicts emanate, revolve on the institutional founding principles and philosophies it was set upon. This further gets consideration on three perspectives, that is management challenges of creating team players, internal conflicts, and conflicts of interests (Michael, Andrew, Tara, & Joakim, 2009). Management challenges of creating team players These conflicts arise when institutional progression is not key to the overall management committee.

In this case study, a small section of the management is either for, or against an institutional concern or development (Ya, Zhichang, & Catherine, 2012). The majority of the executives in the quest against the arising issue act to imply an opposition. Because of the delegated role at the top management level, part of the team has their hands tied and cannot execute a given duty on a monopolized decision (Emma, & Shaun, 2010).

This is much worse a case when the principles governing the foundations of the management in compliance with the opposing ideas. These fundamentals being the points of reference, most often than not, have offered an advantage to the opposing faction of the company against the single-handed employee.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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