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IntroductionThe success of an organization is largely dependent on the manner the organization is able to use its workforce. The importance of managing and motivating the workforce increases in case of a service industry as developing the required workforce ensures that the employees are committed towards the goals and helps to maximize the satisfaction level of customers (Sevari & Kandu, 2011). This report explores the different strategy that Ritz-Carlton Hotel needs to develop so that the performance of their employees further gets enhanced. This will look towards accessing the needs and requirements of the employees, developing ways through which the needs of the employees are satisfied and the process through which the overall effectiveness can be measured.

This will thereby provide the framework through which the employees become motivated and committed towards the goal of the organization. Information about Ritz-Carlton HotelRitz-Carlton Hotel has been successful and has won many awards because the hotel has stressed the need and importance of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. To be able to deliver superior performance Ritz-Carlton Hotel has looked towards specific purpose training of the employees which helps to provide the required skills based on which customer satisfaction has been maximized.

In addition to it Ritz-Carlton Hotel has developed the orientation program for employees in such a manner that the employees feel comfortable and appreciates the job. The overall style of work culture being adopted by Ritz-Carlton Hotel looks to be directed towards better services and ensuring that the customers are handled in the most polite manner so that the satisfaction level of customers is maximized. Way to access development need of staffRitz-Carlton Hotel to develop the required training program needs to identify the gaps or areas where the employees are lacking and are not able to perform according to the required standards.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel need to find out those gaps and while looking to do so care and precaution has to be maintained that the employees don’t become demotivated as it will impact their performance further and will make it difficult to find out the areas where employees have to be provided specific training (Ahmad & Schroeder, 2009). Ritz-Carlton Hotel can access the training needs of the employees through the followingDirect Observation: This method will look to directly observe the employees at work and examine the manner in which the work is being performed.

The performance of the employee can than be compared to the standards which has been developed by Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This will help to identify the gaps which exist between the training provided to the employees and the manner in which it can be fulfilled. Based on the gap the management can identify the different training which an employee has to undergo so that they are able to perform on the required standards (Oyler & Pryor, 2009)Questionnaires: The management of Ritz-Carlton Hotel can also look to conduct a survey through the use of a questionnaire.

This will help to address different questions directly to an employee and will help to find out the different areas which they employees feel when improved will help to further enhance their performance. This process will also help to compare the different skills which an employee or different employee has and will thereby help to design a training program based on their needs and requirements (Scott, 2011)Consulting Person with Specific Knowledge: This will look towards hiring the services of an external agency which looks to find out ways through which employees’ performance gets enhanced so that customer satisfaction increases.

Using them will help Ritz-Carlton Hotel to develop a process through which better services can be provided and will ensure that the risk also reduces. This process will also ensure that the resources are used in a better manner and will help to present the gaps based on which specific training can be provided for the improvement of the employees (Jay & Alec, 2012)Interviews: Ritz-Carlton Hotel can look to interview the customers who have availed the different services of the hotel.

This will help to understand the customer perception and will help the management to identify the different areas which when improved will ensure better satisfaction for the customers (Zwick, 2009). The process of conducting interviews will also ensure that changes in the process of providing services will be accepted by the people and will thereby reduce the risk.

The required training program can thereby be developed and will help to ensure that the level of satisfaction for the employees increases (Khatri, 2010). Focus Group: This method will be effective in identifying the training needs of the employees as the process will look towards identifying the behavior, thought process and manner in which the employees carry out his duties. This will thereby provide the required guidelines and highlight the areas where the employee is lacking. The organization based on it can develop the required strategy which will focus on ensuring that the satisfaction of customers improve and develops the required way to provide the necessary training (Attersley, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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