Essays on HRMT19013: Human Resource Development Assignment

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IntroductionA work force which is strong not only save money for the company but also improves the overall performance of an organization. It should be a continuous process for the management to assess employees’ progress as well as communicate their findings to the employees. Employees feel as part of an organization if they are effectively developed. This improves the employees’ morale and to successfully engage the employees in the development process five areas which need to be focused on are: Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring, Teaching and training bearing in mind the current and future needs for development.

The management should however understand that investing in people is not similar to investing in machinery or equipment. Equipment cost is depreciable but development cost is incurred in the current year and it tends to be expensive to invest in employee development than investment in equipment. Evaluation of employee development is measured by how the employees reacted and how they think about the process, how much they have learnt as facts and techniques, how their performance if affected as well as the obtained results after the process and how the process impacts the set organizational objectives. Assessing Development Needs of StaffIn order to assess the development needs of the staff from Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, a training needs assessment survey needs to be carried out so that the needs of the employees can be determined.

Training needs assessment is process through which data is collected and gathered to determine the training needs of workers so that training can be geared towards improving the effectiveness of workers. This in the long run will help Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company to meet its business objectives.

The reason for conducting a training needs assessment is to identify problem areas in the hotel company that require training so that these problems can be addressed to facilitate development. Another reason for this assessment is to gain support from the management by ensuring that the training contributes to the improvement of employees’ performance. Data will also be developed for evaluating the success of the training program upon completion of training. This will enable the management to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the training needs assessment.

This is because costs are incurred in providing training to employees and costs are also incurred when the needs of the employees are not met (Royse 2009, p. 21). The main advantage of conducting a training needs assessment is that the gap existing between the skills required for excellent job performance and the skills that employee’s posses are identified. Another advantage is that performance problems which are not training needs are identified. This is because performance by employees is based on skills knowledge and motivation since not all performance problems can be solved through training.

Through training needs assessment, the incentives or practices of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company that contribute to lack of motivation in employees can be identified. To conduct a training needs assessment, a training needs survey is done. For instance, a survey can be done whereby employees pair up and one employee takes the role of a subordinate and the other takes the role of a manager. In the role of the employee, one is supposed to help the manager in identifying their training needs in their current job (Choi-wa 2009, p.

219). The employee playing the managerial role must interview the other person in order to identify their training needs (Altschuld et al 2010, p. 320). The survey must provide a list of management skills to aid the pairs of employees by giving the ideas for the type of questions to be asked in the manager’s role.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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