Essays on Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection for Clifford Hallam Healthcare Case Study

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The paper "Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection for Clifford Hallam Healthcare " is a perfect example of a business case study. Our company, Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2), is the leading distributor of medical healthcare together with pharmaceuticals in the whole of Australia. We have a customer base of over 70,000. They include hospitals, residential and community, together with high-end and low care for the aged facilities. We have a catalog of above 30,000 medical consumables, equipment and pharmaceutical products. The main purpose of this report is to look at suggesting the best methods of recruiting the person to fill up the National Brand Manager position.

In the first part, we are going to focus on the recruitment criteria and the ethics together with legal implications for the recruitment decisions. In the second part, we will look at the effective and efficient ways to screen the ethical together with legal issues of the recruitment decisions. Part A Recruitment criteria for the Job Our firm deals with the production of pharmaceuticals, equipment together with medical consumables. We are seeking a National Brand Manager that will ensure that the products being offered by our company are branded in a way that is appealing to the customers.

It is a full-time job and the interested candidate must have relevant experience in a mid-senior level in the hospital and health care (CH2, 2012). The ideal candidates required to fill up this position are supposed to possess an understanding of Occupational Health and Safety (OH& S), standards, and legislation together with risk management. He must also have analytical ability (see Appendix). For any successful production manager, analytical skills are very paramount (D’ Netto & Sohal, 2000, p. 157).

He should possess speed together with accuracy in data entry. He should also have self-initiative and can be able to work with minimum supervision. The ability to manage several projects simultaneously and a very good knowledge of medical equipment is a prerequisite for any interested candidate.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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