Essays on HRMT19014: Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection Assignment

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Executive SummaryClarity group is a global headhunting organisation that screens and selects suitable candidates for our clients. The company is looking for a dynamic, commercially savvy and driven Manager Director to lead the organization through the life cycle of the business. This report will study the selection methods and criteria of attracting the most appropriate and suitable talent for this position. During the process of selecting the manager, the managing director has to be carried out carefully since we are employing a leader, and not any entry-level worker. The interview is to be conducted in a face to face manner.

Stimulatory questions have been prepared to ask the candidate. Other than that, HR. managers should be aware of the legal and ethical issues in the recruitment process because they are directly linked to the reputation of the organization. .IntroductionOur firm, Clarity group, is a head hunting organisation that gives most if not all solutions related to human resources for businesses no matter the entire life span of the employee and employer relationship, this includes individual career development, identification of appropriate workers for ones organisation, and finally the implementation of human resource processes. The Clarity Group is about integrity as well as openness.

The group partners with the clients so as to maximise potential amongst people, through understanding, insight, and strong relationships. Focus is placed on communication, personal service and reliability. The job being advertised is that of managing director in the biometric department (Gerhart, 2006). The report gives suggestions on methods of attracting various talents to occupy the vacancy of managing director for the operation in Australia and it being global organisation the one who lands the job will play an important role in the company’s success at a local level.

Some important issues will also be discussed, for example the effective means to attract talent as well as legal and ethical issues on hiring the manager. The latter part is vital since it has direct impacts on the reputation and image of the firm (Gerhart, 2006). Part ARecruitment criteria of the jobWe pay over S200k per year for the job; this implies that we are looking for an experienced manager to occupy the position. From this job title, business to business communication plays a crucial role.

Proper and effective Communication are vital for managers in firms in order to perform the basic management functions, such as controlling, leading, planning, and organizing. Communication helps managers to perform their jobs and responsibilities. All crucial information is to be communicated to the firms’ managers who in-turn are required to communicate the plans in order to implement them. The managers’ language requirements are high so to minimise misunderstanding and conflicts in the organisation. Gerhart stated professional communication skills are so important that, with improper management or misleading conversation can be detrimental to a business (Erdem, 2006). Secondly, commercial sawy is needed of the manager to qualify for this post.

Commercial sawy refers to the quickness and keenness in dealing and understanding the business situation in a manner that guarantees a positive outcome (Reilly, 2009). For one to be able to thrive in this role by being a valuable and important leader on a local level and a respected member of the entire global team responsible for management, you should bring strength and experience in financial management and marketing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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