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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYEthical and social responsibilities are critical factors in coming up with the Human Resource policies and plans. The report gives much concentration to the strategic issues that influence development of Human Resource policies and plans. The report covers various strategic issues affecting key fields such as ethics, social corporate responsibilities, values and sustainability. Various issues such as health and safety issues, race gender and disability, cash and compensation plans, employee responsibilities and issues and privacy issues are found to affect development of policies in the field of ethics.

In the field of corporate social responsibilities, issues such as building employee trust, competition and fair play, reduced work waste and transparency in business practices are identified as the strategic issues to consider. In the field of Values, issues such as communication, training and recruitment, organizational culture and mission and vision statements are also identified as important during policy making and planning. Under sustainability, strategic issues such as work-life balance, individual responsibility and employability are found to be essential. The report also recommends focus on employee welfare and neighbouring communities, embracing sustainability for continuity and diversion from profit maximization to sustainable growth.

INTRODUCTIONEthical and social responsibilities are two major critical factors that any organization needs to put into consideration in order to ensure sustainability. In order to meet these ethical and social responsibilities, there are various key strategic issues that any organization must address especially in relation to Human Resource policies and plans. These strategic issues are distinct in the various fields of Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), values and sustainability. The purpose of this report therefore, is to concentrate and produce research findings on how these strategic issues contribute in ensuring sustainability within organizations that embrace ethical and social responsibilities.

This study is important because it ensures that the organization becomes aware of the environment around it and therefore, develops various strategies on how it can perform to create better relations. The study is based on research from various textbooks, scholarly articles, and internet sources with specific examples from different organizations. ETHICSConsidering all the various issues that Human Resource face in every organization, the most difficult issues to deal with are always ethical issues.

Ethics is generally the study of morality based on choices made. In a business context, ethics refers to the use of moral standards in the daily operations of an organization. According to (Wathington, n.d. , 2012), “Creating an organizational culture where leaders and employees collectively aspire to meet high ethical standards is both desirable and possible”. Therefore, in coming up with policies and plans, there are various ethical issues that every organization must consider. The ethical issues include health and safety issues, race gender and disability, cash and compensation plans, employee responsibility and issues and privacy issues.

Health and safety issuesHealth and safety are of great importance in every employee operation in any organization. In coming up with policies, the healthy working conditions must be prioritized for continuity of operation. Every organization must define proper working hours for its employees (Lister & Demand, 2012, p1). Human resource should also ensure that the employees’ work places are safe and safety precautions are taken. This calls for proper safety equipments such as emergency exits and fire extinguishers at various strategic places.

Health and safety issues also cover how the organizational operations affect the environment around it (Coates, 2011, p1). However, the majority of concern for the human resource always goes to the daily operations of the employees.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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