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IntroductionTraining2Work is a company which provides specialized training to people from various industries. The aim of the company is devise short term courses which help the users to hone their skills and take up responsible position in the different companies. Training2Work also looks towards providing jobs. The company recently has purchased an online tool, Internet Sales Manager but the CEO is uncertain about the benefits reaped by using this tool. He is concerned about the working in the company and requires strategies to improve their working environment so that Internet Sales Manager helps to improve sales and the company is able to grow. Purpose of the reportIdentify the key problems faced by Training2WorkIdentify the problems encountered by Training2Work in the present organizational structureIdentify ways to solve the problem faced by Training2Work by bringing a change in organizational structure and others. Key Problems faced by Training2WorkTraining2Work faces various problems which have become an hindrance to their work and even employing new technology like the Intenet Sales Manager is not reaping the benefits it should.

The problems faced by Training2Work are as followsFirstly, a major problem faced by Training2Work is in the organizational structure.

The company has created their organizational structure in such a way that the different departments look towards the well being of their own departmnt and are not concerned about the company on the whole. Each department has a hierarchy system and looks towards blaming the other department instead of working in tandem to solve the problem they are facing. Secondly, Training2Work faces the problem associated with the work culture. The company has adopted a stance where employees perform in their respective department and there is no rotation of job.

This hampers the motivational level of employees as it reduces the chances of being promoted to higher level in different departments thereby putting a rstriction on their path to grow. Thirdly, Training2Work has a long heirarchy which delays the process of passing information. This has resulted in the information being passed on prom the training department who creates the program to the sales department. Similar is the case with other departments. Having a long hierarchy has also resulted in the approval for a course, its content, price, time of commencement and other things to be delayed.

Thia has resulted in chaos as there is ambiguity in information making the employees unclear about the future prospects of a course. Fourthly, Training2Work has a lack of proper planning and time management process in the organization. This has resulted in the courses to be either uploaded in half or some vital information missing. Also, the fact that the different departments don’t follow a time frame has resulted in improper communication and lack of clarity in thought.

This is creating a bad image as customers who use their website don’t find the information they are looking for. Fifthly, the long process followed by Training2Work to update the courses by Training division due to their busy schedule is resulting in the entire process go wrong. This is resulting in delays and incomplete information being passed on.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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