Essays on The Major Issues of Concern in Relation to Modern Employment Relations Essay

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The paper “ The Major Issues of Concern in Relation to Modern Employment Relations” is an intriguing example of the essay on human resources. Employment relations is defined as the process of engaging all organs within an organization plus the state in participating in various events. Events can be in terms of problem-solving, employee relations, decision making, participation, and promotion of trade unions. It involves engaging all personnel in improving company performance. StateThe state is defined as a combination of institutions consisting of a legislature, judiciary, and executive. It is an institutional system whereby its political supremacy affects daily activities involving employment relations. Trade unionThis is defined as an association whereby workers join together so as to achieve common goals that involve them.

These goals include; better and safe environment, making of decisions, and problem-solving. Collective bargainThis is a process involving negotiation between employers and chosen employee representatives most aimed at reaching certain agreements. IntroductionChina is considered to have a long feudal background. The government of china has constantly centralized all organizational structures through the formation of various dynasties. Chinese people have established a mind set whereby they expect the government to come up with effective ways in which employee relation will be protected.

The founding of PRC have constantly strengthen Chinese people mind set on the issue of employee relations. It is argued that china growth of economy may not termed as a success if certain measures in regard to employee relation is not implemented so as to favor more choice oriented system. The old model of employee relation is becoming obsolete and new measures need to be implemented so as new problem that arises from globalization are tackled with (Dickens 2006, p12).

It is evident that the china federal system is making a lot of changes within the traditional employee relation system as a measure of installing new principle of state guidance. In china, employee relation s is not the only an economical issue but also a receptive political issue.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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