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IntroductionBusinesses in this competitive world look towards ensuring that the correct candidate is chosen for the job. This requires examination of different behavioural characteristics and conducting the entire process in a manner that maximum information about the person can be gathered. This report looks to present the different behavioural criteria that are required for a job vacancy in a human resource department where the person selected has to look after the workforce in Wesfarmers. This is further analyzed by looking into the preparation that has to be done followed by the interview guide so that the correct talent is selected and the person selected is able to fulfill the responsibilities of the job.

Description of behavioural criteriaBehavioural characteristics are the most important factor that helps in determining whether the person who has been selected for the job fits in the position for that position. This looks into identifying the different characteristics so that based on it the qualities and strengths of the person can be identified which will help to improve the opportunity for conducting business and will ensure better operations (Yokl, 2002).

The different behavioural characteristics areInterpersonal Skills: This behavioural characteristics look into the communication and interpersonal skills that the person has. It is important that the person is able to communicate clearly so that better relationship can be developed which help to motivate the workforce at the same time will ensure that the problems get sorted out. This requires that the communications skills should be such that it ensures maximum productivity both through the medium of oral communication and written communication so that every aspect of the business which will help towards achieving the objective can be attained.

This will thereby need that the person is able to persuade, engage into communication and motivate them to accomplish a particular task (Peterson & Fleet, 2004). Relationship Building: The person should be such that he is able to develop good rapport within the people. This will require that the person is able to develop positive relationship with stakeholders, customers, employees and management so that all round development can take place. Being able to develop relationship at all level will help the person to ensure that the employee on the floor of Wesfarmer are able to work diligently and their problems get sorted out.

This will also ensure that the person is able to execute work which would have been otherwise difficult to carry out (Katz, 2005). Motivation: The person being interviewed should have motivational skills which will help to motivate the workforce as well as himself. This is important that the incumbent is able to understand the different relevant areas which when worked on will help to motivate the entire team.

This can be achieved by solving the problems of the employees and praising them for their good work so that the workforce becomes enthusiastic and are eager to complete the work on hand. This will help to ensure better customer satisfaction and help Wesfarmer to ensure better control over its business (El-Sabaa, 2001)Problem Solver: Another characteristic that the person has to demonstrate is the ability to solve problems. This requires certain capabilities so that the actual situation is understood and after weighing the different possibilities the best one is chosen.

The ability to solve problem increases with experience and age and which requires that the person is willing to shoulder responsibilities to ensure that the problems are sorted at the same instance instead of postponing it for the future. This will require additional effort and looking at the problem in such a manner that there is no biasness towards anyone or anything (Cross, 2000). Administration: The incumbent should be capable of handling the entire administrative task that the job requires. This means that the incumbent should be able to shoulder the responsibilities and should look towards leading the organization.

This would mean that the manager at Wesfarmer will have to ensure that best strategies are developed which helps to reduce the administrative cost but looks towards providing long term productivity and growth for the future (Cross, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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