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IntroductionConflicts are a part of business and it is impossible to think of a business without conflicts. Conflicts in business arise due to the fact that business has to deal with humans and the irrational behavior of humans will make conflicts a part of the organization. This was the condition which was prevalent in Personal Investment Pty Ltd and will require finding out ways through which the conflicts can be reduced. Businesses have to look towards finding a mechanism through which the business is able to handle the conflicts and able to ensure better strategy for the development of the future.

This report presents the different conflicts that Personal Investment Pty Ltd is facing and the reasons for those conflicts to arise in the business. The report further looks towards ascertaining the manner in which the conflict will be solved and presents the manner in which Personal Investment Pty Ltd will be able to handle the conflict so that the business is able to take better decisions and develop a direction for the future. Background about the casePersonal Investment Pty Ltd is an investment company which invests in the market and looks towards ensuring safety of the investment as their priority.

The company has people at the top level who have been associated with the company for a long period of time and still relies on traditional method. The company recently hired Tabitha which has resulted in widespread changes in the manner the business works. Employing a new person having the required experience and knowledge in the concerned field has brought new dimension to the business. Tabitha has changed the course of the business and looks towards investing in business that provides higher return which has increased the risk.

Her style of working has caught the attention of the younger generation and they favor her. This has also resulted in the employees who were associated with the company for over a period of time to change their method of working. This has created differences between the employees of the organization at all levels and especially between the senior level and Tabitha. This has given rise to conflict and the business has been engulfed with a situation where they have to look towards making a decision regarding the future working style of Personal Investment Pty Ltd and the future of Tabitha in the organization.

Sources of ConflictsPersonal Investment Pty Ltd shows different conflicts which the business is facing and has to deal with it so that they are able to manage the resources in such a manner that it provides them competitive advantage. Some of the sources of conflicts that Personal Investment Pty Ltd is facing are asPersonal Investment Pty Ltd is facing a conflict regarding the strategy of working to be adopted in the organization.

The organization has looked towards using a strategy of being conservative and ensuring safety of their investment and not to be worried about the return. Tabitha has looked towards altering the method of doing things and is looking towards aggressive and investing in those companies which provide higher return irrespective of the risk involved in it. Thus, the different strategy that Personal Investment Pty Ltd is looking to use has resulted conflicts within the organizationThe disagreement between the top level executives and Tabitha on the manner in which changes have to be implemented within the organization has given rise to conflicts.

The difference in the thinking and irrational behavior being demonstrated by both the top level executives and Tabitha has complicated the matter and given rise to conflictsLack of enthusiasm shown by the top level executives in hiring Tabitha has been reflected in the working style. Since, the top level executives were not willing to recruit Tabitha but compromised and recruited her has made it difficult for them to ensure that they remain with her.

The problem has further intensified due to the fact that the younger generation like the style of working adopted by Tabitha whereas the older generation don’t want to change. This has divided the organization and has given rise to conflict due to which the organization has been unable to manage the resources and has given rise to conflict within the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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