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The paper "Conflict Management - Personal Investment Pty Ltd" is a perfect example of a business assignment. The Personal Investment Pty Limited situated in Sydney is experiencing a catastrophe due to the employment of an employee called Tabitha. This catastrophe is related to the continuous disagreements that the partners of the organization have had because they do not agree with Tabitha’ s ways of doing things in the organization. According to the managers of the organization, Tabitha is not fit for the job basing on the fact that she is not the sort of employee who stays in a job for a long period of time.

This is evident in her curriculum vitae as it states that in seven years she had worked with four firms thus, according to them, this is not a good record for a person seeking a job. Conflict can be divided into three; system conflict, bureaucratic conflict and bargaining conflict (Taylor 2010). Personal Investment Pty Limited is a good example of an organization that is experiencing a system type of conflict. This is the type of conflict that involves individuals in an organization at an equal level.

That is, the individuals are of the same rank and thus, share the same goals in the organization. In this case, the sources of the conflict at PI are the different views that the managers have about the new employee, Tabitha. The Barnard-Simon model which involves the aspects of inducements and contributions would be appropriate for this case study. This model also corresponds to the views of the balance theory of conflict. The balance theory asserts that. In every conflict, there should be a balance in the way conflict is managed.

For instance, managing the conflict might involve altering the relationships in the company and at the same time changing the policy of the company too (Fisher 2010). According to Maccoby & Scudder (2011), they provide fives steps to managing conflict and they include; anticipate, prevent, identify, manage and resolve. These steps act as a guideline to managing conflict in an organization and the managers are advised to use these steps in order to put their firms in order.


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