Essays on HSBC Bank Dubai as a Learning Organization Case Study

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The paper 'HSBC Bank Dubai as a Learning Organization" is a good example of a management case study. This project is an evaluation of the extent to which the HSBC Bank Dubai could be described as a learning organization. In this regard, the project applies a combination of both theory and empirical evidence to develop the conclusion, as well as offer recommendations for future organizational improvements. In this case, the project relies on a data analysis collected through the primary data collection approach where a questionnaire on the organizational key features was adopted to collect the relevant information from a simple randomly selected study sample (Athanasiou, Debas & Darzi, 2009).

Therefore, the reliability and validity of the data collected and the subsequent analyzes were highly reliant and dependent on the merits and the challenge of the adopted data collection approach. 2.0 The Learning Organization Concept The learning organization concept is a gradually emerging concept in organizational management and structure development today. In this regard, unlike a decade ago where learning organization’ s establishment was perceived as a preserve of specific industries, the perception has changed with changing market situations and structures.

In this regard, the organizational learning theory is based on the principle of continuous improvement and learning from the employees. In this regard, the employees across learning organizations, ranging from executive management to the lowest employee levels strive to improve and increase their performance and actions in the long-run period. In order to perpetuate and facilitate a successful learning organization philosophy execution, the theory relies on the creation of shared visions and goals, with which each of the organizational internal stakeholders feels like part of and strive to achieve.

Therefore, based on the above discussion, it is evident that the learning organization concept is developed and founded on the principles of cooperation and inclusion of all organizational stakeholders towards the attainment of the increased individual as well as organizational performances, competitiveness, and market sustainable success in the long-run period.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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