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HTM 110 Introduction to Hospitality Management Project Assignment The article gives an in-depth analysis of the global food trends in 2014 and beyond. Consumers worldwide are turning to simpler, basic foods prepared at home. Food manufacturers are responding by making good value claims on their products and conducting in-store promotions (Nachay p. 16). Most food service businesses have turned to social media as a medium for advertisement. The popularity of heirloom vegetables is on the rise while ancient grains such as freeke and chia are most preferred (Nachay p. 16).

There is a chili obsession throughout the world while a new craze for Mexican food has emerged in China. There are several possible outcomes of these trends. First, food manufacturers will have to improve on the quality of their products in order to appeal to the consumers who are increasingly turning to home-made meals. Alternatively, they may have to resort to the production of food packages that customers can carry away and consume while on the move. The craze for Mexican delicacies in China will lead to an increase in prices due to increased demand.

The same applies to heirloom vegetables and ancient grains which are growing popular by the day. The current trends in the foodservice industry will have an effect on its development. This is because as more people turn to home-made food stuff, food manufacturers have to adjust their production methods in order to suit the new tastes. Packaging methods will also have to change so that consumers can be able to purchase ready-made food and consume it from the comfort of their homes. I agree with the analysis of this article.

There is sufficient evidence on the market to attest to the trends highlighted in the article. The growing popularity of fast foods is a clear testimony that food companies are adapting to the current trend. Many food outlets have sprung up, offering take-away food products. Moreover, everything seems to be going green - green energy, green fuel – and so are the eating habits. As people strive to maintain healthy lifestyles, they are consuming more vegetables and ancient grains than before. They are especially important in fighting obesity in the world.

Adverts of foodstuff are common on social media, especially Facebook. This is because it is cheaper to advertise on Facebook than other media. The knowledge of these trends will be helpful to me in future. It will be an important source of business ideas. Knowledge of the trends in food consumption will help start and establish a profitable business in food production. It will also help me to live a healthy lifestyle as I will be able to follow the trend and turn to more greens and ancient grains.

This is especially important because obesity has become a major health risk today. Nevertheless, the current trends in food consumption may have various implications in future. First, the current interest in vegetables and ancient grains will lead to a healthier world in future. People will be taking more vitamins and less fats and cholesterol; hence, less risk factors of obesity. Secondly, some foodstuffs are bound to get more expensive than before. This is due to market forces balancing between high demand and prices. also, packaging of take-away food products may have serious environmental concerns.

This is because it would lead to the increase in solid waste. Works cited

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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